Find someone nz

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For depression sufferers who live in Australia/NZ/anywhere nearby

2012.08.05 08:41 For depression sufferers who live in Australia/NZ/anywhere nearby

Hi, glad you could join us. We're here for you and if you have questions about depression, mental health, suicide hotlines, etc, this is the place to ask.

2012.08.03 08:27 wkoorts Keto New Zealand

Here in NZ we don't tend to get all the wonderful low-carb specialty products found in other places like the USA. That's not to say we don't have our own low-carb goodness! This is a place to talk about local keto and low-carb topics related to New Zealand.

2014.03.20 11:50 SEXPILUS Australian & New Zealand Skincare


2020.07.10 09:10 Flash-FlashHeart How do you search this Reddit/CBD oil?

I'm probably blind but I can't find a search box.
I'm interested in finding out how someone goes about getting CBD oil on prescription in NZ.
What are the costs?
Do you just go see your doctor?
I'm based in Hamilton.
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2020.07.10 04:34 Elkkun33 [TOMT] [Movie] Dystopian, stylistic psychological horror - iso for 9+ years now

Alright y'all, I'm really hoping you can help out. I've been iso this film's title for almost 10 years at this point, and a day doesn't go by that I don't think about it. I literally got offered a job at an independent rental shop because of my movie-obsessed brain, film is life etc etc...and yet, this one has me stumped seemingly forever. Here's the solid details that I can remember:
Here are the details that me & my dude mostly remember, but MAY NOT BE ACCURATE as we were definitely smoking that good good at the time of viewing (and it was a long ass time ago).
Similar in theme/look/etc:
  1. Meet the Hollowheads is about the closest thing visually that I've found
  2. Clockwork orange, per the delusional, kind of a shit head mc who terrorizes the people around him but thinks it's all a good time / dystopian society element
  3. Brazil (future dystopia, film quality)
  4. Deadbeat at Dawn (lower budget but still getting it done, a lot of claustrophobic shots and settings)
Mix those all together and you've got this movie. I have scrubbed IMDB's tags for 'birthday', 'dystopia', and tried going through lists of films that were produced from 85 onward from AU & NZ (since they don't produce too many...I didn't go to this length for british movies though). I have also spent a lot of time with the Psychotronic guide (and some other printed material), to no avail.
My & my dude's 10 year anniversary is right around the corner, and I would love to surprise him with this title since we watched it right after moving in together. I have exhausted all of my resources at this point, and had it not been for him (and my dad, very briefly) also viewing the movie, then I would think it just didn't exist. It's been scrubbed from the Earth, which is such a bummer since it was pretty dynamic. Please help out if you can, and thanks so much!!
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2020.07.09 21:49 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 39 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: After resolving their misunderstanding, Frances and her friends head to meet up with a supply convoy at Westfall Pass in order to protect them from possible goblin raids. However, they may soon need protection themselves.
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 38] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 40 on July 14]
[Map of Durannon]
This chapter was pre-read by u/totallyundescript.
Westfall Pass, one of the few routes to the valley that contained The Twin Towns of Kwent, was normally quite windy, and today was no exception. The mountains of the valley constrained the winds blowing through the pass and caused the constant rustling of the trees that grew under the shadow of the mountains.
In fact, as Frances, Martin and Elizabeth approached the highest point of the road between the two mountains, they found their ears filled with the noisy dance of leaves in the breeze. The howling wind acted as the trees’ orchestra.
It made for a nervous ride with the trio constantly trying to peek into the forest flanking them. Yet, the thick boughs of green cast dark shadows that left far too much to the imagination and not enough to see.
“So, do you have any tips about fighting goblins?” Elizabeth asked.
Frances pulled her horse to a stop. “Elizabeth, are you trained in mounted combat?”
“A little,” Elizabeth said with a wince.
“Then I would suggest you dismount. Goblins are really short and staying on a horse could be dangerous,” Frances said. She smoothly kicked her leg over her saddle and dismounted.
As she landed her boots slapped against the paving stones that made up the road that ran between Kwent, all the way to Erisdale. In peacetime, the road formed part of a highly lucrative trade route between the Kingdoms of Erisdale and Alavaria. The war had turned the road into the axis of the Erisdalian-Alavarian frontline.
“Don’t panic, or charge at them,” added Martin from his horse, his spear raised and ready. “I can trample over any groups of goblins as my warhorse is trained. You have to protect Frances on foot.”
“Got it.” Elizabeth hefted her war hammer. “Do you see the convoy yet, Martin?”
Martin peered down the road which slowly stretched across from him, snaking down under the shadow mountains and cutting through the woods that dotted the mountains lower slopes.
The road that snaked through this pass led into the Erisdalian county of Leipmont. In the distance, he could see a slowly rising dust cloud. He followed it down to a group of wagons.
The knight checked the position of the sun in the sky. “I think they’re late, but they’re coming. I give it two hours before they’re here.”
“Oh, well, at least they’re fine,” said Elizabeth, her grip relaxing.
Frances frowned, her eyes still scanning the trees around them. “Martin, do you think we should go ahead and join with the supply caravan?”
Martin pursed his lips. “Good idea. I don’t like just sitting here in the open road like this with just three people. We’re almost seven hours riding away from the camp too.”
“Weren’t our orders to meet with the supply caravan here, though?” Elizabeth asked.
Frances thought back to what Earl Darius told them. Try as she might, she couldn’t think of anything in their orders forbidding them from not intercepting the caravan.
“I’m going to mirror message Bernard, Earl Darius’s court mage and aide-de-camp.” Frances reached down to her a pouch on her belt and pulled out the hand-mirror that Edana had given her for her fifteenth birthday. With practiced ease, she opened the clasp and flipped it open so she could see her own reflection.
“We’ll cover you,” said Elizabeth, moving to take up a position behind Frances. Martin nudged his horse so he was shielding Frances from the front.
Frances blinked and found herself smiling. “Thanks.” She took a deep breath, focused her eyes on the mirror, sang while imagining Bernard in her mind. Clear, chiming notes filled the air and were carried by the wind into the blue sky.
The face ruddy, the blonde-haired man faded into existence on the mirror, replacing her reflection.
“Ah, Frances, is there a problem?” Bernard asked in a raspy voice that belied his complexion.
“A small one sir. We’ve reached Westfall Pass but the caravan is significantly late. We can see it approaching. With your permission, we would like to head to meet it.”
Bernard frowned. “How far away are they?”
Frances glanced up at Martin. “Martin, how far away?”
“Two hours march,” the knight said. He was loud enough that Bernard’s expression in the mirror morphed into one of annoyed disbelief.
“Seriously? I’m going to have to ask Earl Forowena to start knocking heads together. Alright, if that’s the situation, go ahead and join the caravan. Thank you for informing me,” Bernard said wearily.
“Thank you, Master Bernard,” said Frances. She closed her mirror and pocketed it.
“Right, let’s get going,” said Elizabeth, walking to her horse.
Frances nodded and made for her mare as well, though, she kept her wand in hand.
She had just grabbed the saddlehorn of her mare with her free hand when she caught a glint of light in the forest in front of her.
Frances didn’t think, she whipped her wand up and sang the E note. The note rang like a booming bell and reality warped to the image she held in her head, causing a compressed blast of wind to crash into the underbrush, flattening bushes and foliage to reveal a goblin.
Frances’s spell hit the two and a half feet creature in the chest and flung it backward. He slammed into the tree, eyes rolling inside its skull. The spell also knocked a short arquebus—an early gun that she had increasingly seen used by both fae-kin and humans—from his grasp. It had been its polished barrel that she’d seen.
In an instant, howls filled the underbrush, and Frances screamed, “Ambush!”
But even as she began the spell for a shield, arrows flew from both sides of the forest. She screamed out another note, trying to call upwind to knock the arrows aside, but she felt shafts slam into her back and front. She felt no pain as goblin bows were small and not powerful enough to pierce her quilted jacket, but the small shafts stuck to her jacket like someone had glued a bunch of wooden skewers to her.
“Frances! Oh my God!” Elizabeth screamed, rushing to her friend. Her horse and Frances’s had bolted and were running for the camp.
“I’m alright! Get your visor down!” Frances exclaimed. Elizabeth slapped her visor down as Frances looked around for Martin. “Martin? Martin!”
The knight was fighting with his horse, which was bleeding from several arrows embedded into its skin. Grunting, Martin scowled. “I’m fine! We need to run—”
Two cracks cut through the air. Elizabeth screamed from behind her. Martin’s horse whinnied and collapsed, the knight flailing as he was thrown from the saddle. Squealing war cries filled the air and Frances could see the foliage ruffle. Martin was thrown clear and was pulling himself up already, so Frances spun around to see Elizabeth.
Her friend was clutching her left arm, wide-eyed, as blood trickled down it, painting the chainmail red. “Frances, um, I think I’ve been shot,” Elizabeth said in disbelief.
With her left arm, Frances reached into one of her pouches and pulled out a roll of bandages. With her right arm, wand still in her hand, she pried open Elizabeth’s fingers. It was a graze, the chain mail was ripped open but she could see a gash rather than a hole. “Hold still!”
Frances pressed her wand to the wound and sang a quick motif, a less powerful, but shortened version of a wound-mending spell that she’d committed to her memory. Skin knitted quickly over the flesh.
“They’re coming!” Martin cried out, sword in hand.
Goblins swarmed out from the trees. Frances counted ten, no, twenty and they kept coming. They were short, the tallest was around three feet, but they all held spears and nasty looking daggers. They wore an assortment of protective gear, ranging from quilted gambesons to small breastplates, and from leather caps to pot helmets.
“Back to back!” Martin snapped.
Elizabeth and Frances scrambled to Martin, and they formed a rough triangle as the horde rushed towards them.
Elizabeth blocked a goblin’s stab with her wooden shield. She instinctively lashed out with her warhammer. The goblin tried to jump back, but it wasn’t fast enough and the hammer’s flat smacked it on the pot helmet’s head. The thin steel caved in and the goblin collapsed in a heap.
She stared at the corpse through the slit in her visor. She’d just killed a living thing. What would her parents think? What would her God think? What would her friends think...
“Elizabeth!” Frances screamed. A cone of fire-filled Elizabeth’s vision and the three goblins that were charging at her were engulfed in flames, their spears and axes falling to the ground. The screams of the goblins dancing in the fires stunned Elizabeth. It was like a movie, but she knew it was all too real.
Frances grunted, drawing Elizabeth’s attention, and she realized that not only were there a pincushion’s worth of arrows sticking out from her friend’s quilted jacket, but a goblin had also stabbed a spear into her shin.
Even as blood poured from her right leg, Frances trying to kick the goblin away with her left leg, whilst somehow still singing.
Elizabeth was moving before her feet realized it. Her warhammer swung and caught the goblin in the back, crushing his skull. “Frances are you—”
Frances raised her wand over Elizabeth’s shoulder and a bolt of lightning spat from her brownish-purple wand. The thunderous boom deafened Elizabeth’s ears and a white-hot beam of plasma spat from the wand through the wave of advancing goblins, cutting a swathe through them. Many were thrown away by the force of the lightning, whilst others screamed and fell, burning or smoking.
“I’m fine! Watch Martin’s back!” Frances cried out from between clenched teeth. Elizabeth blinked and ears still ringing, she spun around just in time to see a goblin going for Martin’s back. She smashed the little green fae off his feet with her shield boss and immediately faced the next goblin.
“Frances, Elizabeth, talk to me!” bellowed Martin. The goblins were trying to crowd him, keeping just out of the reach of his arming sword, before rushing him, two or three at a time. Wielding his sword in both hands, Martin used quick chops and cuts precisely aimed to parry before quickly dispatching the goblins, allowing his chainmail and plate armour to take the hits. With his vision limited by the slit in his visor however, his ears filled with the roar of his own blood, Martin couldn’t really tell how his companions were doing.
“I’m fine, Frances’s leg is hurt,” said Elizabeth. From the corner of his visor, Martin saw her swing with inhumanly fast speed at a goblin, who managed to raise his spear to block. However, Elizabeth's hammer smashed through the wood and crushed his chest.
Martin quickly had to turn his attention back to his front. Four goblins were facing him, spears at the ready, but they were just staying out of his reach. He stepped forward and they danced back. He took a step back, the goblins scurried forward.
“They’re keeping me occupied but I can’t get at them without exposing you!” Martin cursed.
He heard Frances cry out a tune with a slow, swaying, almost dance-like melody. The road shook, the paved stones trembling. Martin could see the goblin’s eyes widen, and their mouths drop open with disbelief to reveal small, uncannily human-like teeth. He resisted the temptation to turn around, but he did move his head slightly.
Martin was met with the sight of a curved wall of packed earth intermixed with stone from the road that blocked Frances and Elizabeth off from any goblins. It was taller than ten feet and insurmountable to any goblin. The only opening was in front of where he—in all his armour—was standing.
“That is brilliant,” said Martin. He turned back to the goblins, smiling, and they, as if sensing his grin, slowly backed away. They still had their weapons ready and were glaring at him, but they didn’t advance.
Elizabeth's voice was cracking with worry. “Frances, you’re hurt." Martin froze, and worry coursed through his veins.
“Elizabeth, I’m fine. Help Martin hold the corral. I need to call for reinforcements,” Frances said. There was a strain in her voice, but also the strength to it that reassured Martin as he watched the goblins.
“You can't teleport us out, right? You said you just learnt the spell?” Elizabeth asked.
Frances shook her head, whimpering, "Sorry."
Martin sighed. Well, at least the goblins were still staying back, which was just fine with him. However, Martin suspected that the goblins were planning something.
“Whatever you’re doing, Frances, hurry, please. They’re up to something,” Martin said.
“Maybe they’re waiting for backup? Oh God, what do we do? We’re surrounded,” Elizabeth asked, taking a place to the left, and behind Martin.
Frances yanked out her hand mirror. “We’re going to be fine,” Frances said with practiced calm. She could remember how worried and afraid she was when she’d rescued Edana in what seemed like ages ago. Frances knew Elizabeth did not need to hear her worry, or hear the throbbing pain that pounded up her leg, sending tingles into her fingers. She wasn’t hurt fatally, but she knew the wound was deep.
She flipped the mirror open and sang for Bernard. His face swam into view and before he could ask, she spoke.
“Being ambushed, pinned down at Westfall. Goblins, two score at least. Please send help!”
Bernard’s eyes widened and he stared at her in silent horror for a second, until he shook himself from his stupor. “I’ll send some light cavalry. It’ll take some time, though, so hold on!”
A crack whipped through the air, the sound lashing Frances’s ears and making her snap the mirror shut. She spun in an attempt to find the source of the sound.
Martin was reeling back, one arm clutching his chest. He hit the ground with a heartrending thud, and his sword fell clattering onto the road’s stones.
If you like this serial don't forget to hit that upvote button, subscribe by leaving a comment in the Writers Butler Bot below, or join [Redditserials Discord server]( and type ?rank A Fractured Song into the #welcome and roles channel. I hang there fairly frequently so feel free to ping me there. Or ask any questions you have down below. If you have upvoted, thanks! It gives me a good way to judge audience engagement with the serial as a whole and keep the direction consistent.
Author's Note: So readers I have a favor to ask of you, can you all rate or review A Fractured Song's Royal Road page which I titled: A Traumatized Girl's Quest for Home in a Fantasy Land. I've started to more consistently crosspost there but it'll be slow going getting more readers for a while. Even leaving just a rating would help a ton!
I want to apologize for not figuring out the Edana chapter yet because it's requiring a lot more thought. I am going to post some writing prompts I did for fun onto my subreddit though, *vrenslibrary*, so subscribe there if you would like. Here's the link to one of my prompt responses. Be warned, this is extremely spoiler to the ending of *A Fractured Song.*
For the question of the update: What's your opinion on redemption arcs? I love em to bits. My favorites being Zuko's redemption arc in Avatar the Last Airbender and Catra's redemption arc in *She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.*
And don't forget to read The Extramundane Emancipation of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large which is an amazing story of an evil overlady and her minion/friend/thing.
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2020.07.09 17:07 tehawesomedragon This Week in Comics #22 - JUL 8 2020 - X-FORCE #10, DR. STRANGE #5, EMPYRE: FANTASTIC FOUR #0, STRANGE ACADEMY #2, GHOST RIDER #7, MARVELS X #4, BLACK PANTHER & THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA #8










(W) Jim Zub (A) Lan Medina
SECRETS OF THE SPACE DRAGONS! Fin Fang Foom is one of the mightiest creatures in the Marvel Universe and now he’s no longer alone! Can Broo and the other Agents of Wakanda unravel the mystery of this bizarre new “Legion of Foom” before their rampage destroys Avengers Mountain?


(W) Mark Waid (A) Kev Walker
THE SORCERER SUPREME ROBBED! Someone is stealing magical artifacts from Dr. Strange! With the help of Dr. Druid, Strange must go undercover to discover a magical black-market arms dealing ring… but is Strange walking into battle with an ally or another enemy at his back?


(W) Dan Slott (A) R.B. Silva, Sean Izaakse, Marte Gracia, Marcio Menyz
“The Last of the Kree/Skrull Warriors” – a pivotal issue, not just for EMPYRE, but for the future of the FF! In the most unlikely of places, the Fantastic Four witness the final conflict of the Kree/Skrull War... and the fate of these final warriors will mark a stunning change in the lives of Marvel’s First Family for years to come. All this, and the introduction of a long hidden Elder of the Universe... the Profiteer! Witness the first appearance of this new, major player in the cosmos!


(W) Ed Brisson (A) Aaron Kuder, Jason Keith
VENGEANCE VERSUS CORRUPTION! Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch already went to war against each other as Spirits of Vengeance, but now that Danny is possessed by the Spirit of Corruption, the real fireworks are ready to begin!


(W) Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (A) Well-Bee
The last boy on Earth has been abducted by the creature that killed countless heroes and villains alike. And while David fights for his life to escape and avenge Captain America himself, Spider–Man has become the hunter, seeking to find the boy who is a cure for humanity lost. Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Well–Bee continue the mightiest prequel to the EARTH X trilogy imaginable.


(W) Skottie Young (A) Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado
Go to class with the students at STRANGE ACADEMY! Your class schedule: 8:15–9:15 HISTORY OF MAGICAL OBJECTS with THE ANCIENT ONE, 9:25–10:25 ELEMENTS OF CHAOS MAGIC with SCARLET WITCH, 10:35–11:35 GYM with COACH TAYLOR, 11:40–12:10 LUNCH (cooked by MINDFULL ONE), 12:20–1:20 INTRODUCTION TO THE UNDEAD with BROTHER VOODOO, 1:30–2:30 INFERNO 101 with MAGIK, 2:40–3:20 (Pending survival) STUDY HALL, 3:30–4:30 MAGICAL PLANTS AND THE CARE THEREOF with PROFESSOR MAN–THING


(W) Benjamin Percy (A) Joshua Cassara, Guru-eFX
THE DEADLY GARDEN! As one of the team members struggles with their secrets unraveling, the rest of X–Force has to fight to stay alive long enough to salvage their mission.


(W) Chris Claremont (A) Brent Anderson
The Uncanny X-Men. Magneto, master of magnetism. The bitterest of enemies for years. But now they must join forces against a new adversary who threatens not only mutantkind, but all of humanity beside it…in the name of God. The members of the Stryker Crusade are poised to cleanse the earth, no matter how much blood stains their hands. Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson’s influential X-Men story is re-presented with all-new pages from the legendary creators themselves!





What Marvel character are you surprised isn't used more often?
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2020.07.09 04:28 PhoenixWolfe1523 28[F4F/M] #Manila-Philippines/Anywhere/Online #SingleandLooking

As the title states, I'm a single taco looking for that right taco to be single together. Who knows? I prefer females over males but I may give them a chance. I have a few male friends but yes they are only friends. Again who knows right. I'm looking to find that other taco to get to know and see if we crack enough to match.
A bit about me. Pro's: -I am a native English speaker -I am learning French, German and Latin -I speak basic Spanish and a little Japanese -I enjoy reading (except sci-fi and romance) -I don't smoke, do drugs or drink -I'm old school -I play online games (LOA, arcade games) -Proud CF -Furparent
Con's: -I'm very blunt. I don't sugar coat anything -I don't accept people who force their beliefs down my throat -Don't talk politics with me -Not very clingy -Not 420 friendly
Looking for: [Female] -21-27 years old -doesn't mind the distance -picture verification if I find your profile too suspicious -Someone who enjoys small talks and deep conversations -Open to the idea of dating a female (duh)
[Male] -30/31-49 -willing to do the distance (prefer Australia and Europe but America and Canada are fine too, even NZ) -possibly doesn't have kids and doesn't want them -photo verification if your profile is too suspicious -Open to the idea of a romantic type only
If this interests you, check out my profile or message/send a chat. Be creative. A hi or hello won't get you anywhere.
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2020.07.08 20:12 miggins1610 Edgedancer ch 9 to 20 + The Traveller readthrough

Omds Wyndle. Its not helpful to talk about someone's potential death like that! And suffocation is one of the WORST ways to die! At least I've heard so😬
Haha the small nose description. Lift always makes me laugh!
Eek. So the Spren are starting to bond with these prospective skybreakers. Oof will Szeth have his own Spren now i wonder? I mean in the future. But why would the Spren bond to people who clearly are tyrants of the law?
So here we get confirmation of the existence of another radiant in the city. And offender suggests that they've already used their power!
Well it seems like Lift at least takes on some of the stuff Wyndle tells her if she knows Surgebinders!
Wow! Ok wow. This is some fascinating new stuff here. So Ishar seems to know a lot about the bonds, even more than the other radiants. Maybe he was the first to make one? Interesting that Honor is chosen to regulate the knights radiant, i wonder if the other shards have specific roles like that?
We also get that the radiant powers could be used to bring the Voidbringers back. From another world, so is this literally another world aka one of the other planets in the Rosharan system? Cus the heralds know about the realms obviously so he would say from the ... realm.
And then finally it seems Ishar plays a very important role in the heralds cus he's given Nale at least a mission. I thought Jezrien was head of them all but it seems Ishar has considerable sway and Nale has lesser influence maybe. Is this gonna turn out to be a mistborn kinda deal where we follow who we believe to be the guys doing good stuff and then they inadvertently play into the world's destruction?!
Woah, who's this bad boy sneaking in the corner?!
Its Szeth! But hang on. I thought this was set after Lift's interlude? Well it has been 2+ weeks i guess. But then where is the everstorm? I thought this was set before the WoR finale but clearly not.
Is that white afterglow a sign of the power? Stormlight i mean. I got WoT on my brain cus i just was reading ch 26 of book 4 earlier today. Sooo good. Love fantasy .
So the stormform doesn't make them voidbringers. As I've been saying, it did seem to neatly tied up. There is a lot more to this. These are voidbringers but old ones, not returned ones ? I think that's what Nale is saying.
What is this power he has now? I'm gonna have to look at the surges chart to figure it out..... Ok so gravitation and division but i can't figure out what Szeth does here.
Nin- son - God. Interesting name. Nale is the son of God?
Ooh so Ishar is here on Roshar somewhere then. But where? That mad king maybe? If he is as mad as Nale maybe. Man i really wanna figure out what the fuck has happened to these guys.
Just a few listeners? Pretty sure its most of them Nale!
How is he just dismissing the red lightning? ODIUM COMES FOOL!
Oh so everything Ishar says is perfect now? Open your damn eyes up Nale!
Ooh i reckon there must be a decent amount of radiants we don't even know about. Surely Kaladin cannot be the first. Five years takes us back to Gavilar's death. Just what the fuck did he set in motion?! Also, why is Nale chasing one/two and not the bunch of them on the plains?!
If even your mind cannot be trusted Nale, then surely you should doubt yourself a bit and have checks and balances!
Oof. A ticking timebomb. Things no doubt are gonna heat up.
Ok so Lift says they all got em, assuming shes referring to powers. But then she says except the girl but we just saw her glow? So how can she not? I feel like I'm missing the point there lol.
You would've thought Spren might recognise the heralds more eh.
I still can't get over the name the stump😂😂
Huh. What an interesting game to play when you're blind. Boring if you're not😅
Really not selling the clembabread rolls to us eh Sanderson.
Sounds like Stump is played by the same actor who voices venli. A weird mix of Australian and british and african.
She ain't wrong there Lift. Anyway you should be outta here before sunset! Although i doubt she will be.
Yeah why has nobody in Azir pointed out how ridiculously creepy it is to have the Prime watched like that! What if he wants to have sex?! Ewww just eww.
Snap Wyndle throwing the sass around here😂 I've noticed though that he takes a lot quite literally. Idk if that's just an cultivation spren quirk.
Ooh so we know she asked to stay the same. Or not change. So what happened and why did she seek her in the first place? All mysteries left till book 6 i suppose.
Its tough when you feel like you don't know your purpose. It motivates us to get up and do our best each day. Without that, life can feel aimless and that's not a healthy place to be in. Sanderson approaches these issues with his usual tact and grace.
Aww yay its the kid!
Damn. Pretty horrible to have to tell the kid his mother isn't coming back. I wouldn't want to that's for sure.
Aww come on Lift. You can tell him he's ya friend.
Wtf. Stump? Not cool dude. She is a witch.
:( my theory about Lift not remembering her mother was soooo good. I'm so sad it isn't a thing 😂
Odd cremlings mentioned again. Maybe a coincidence?
Haha the description of the old people rising is so true. It makes me think of the ents in LoTR
Ooh its this dude again. Hoid. I think.
Wow. The secret to being human. Idk what it is about that phrase but i love it.
Haha Lift's analogy is perfect. Totally works and is funny!
Omds loool. Little nose. This guy is brilliant. I'm not convinced anymore that he is Hoid. But who is he then? Seems worldhopper-ish
Wow this guy and his philosophy. I like! Anytime philosophy comes into the books i love it!
Ouch wow..that's a deep statement right there Lift. I can feel that inner turmoil and pain. I hope it gets resolved. The humour is just a defence mechanism mostly.
Well good to see this plot thread brought up again. If Lift says the second ideal by the end I'm gonna squeal! And his brushing over of the shardblade part is funny! Lift doesn't seem to take notice still though!
Woahh. Ok. That's a trippy description.
Ahh so she finally admits that she came specifically to help her fellow radiant. She's making progress!
😂😂 wyndle's reaction to the garden is brilliant.
Mother's vines! Yes omds thats an amazing curse!😂😂 wyndle you are on fire today. Also, Lift totally threw out the guard timings. What are the bets that's gonna turn out to be important?!
Ooh yeah thats a good point. These people are nosy and so someone will have written something. Its a race to get there before Nale!
Eww a week! Lift girl, you need to scrub yourself silly soon!
Sounds like a right Karen am i right?!
The grand Indicium. Thats where Hauka said she went once a week right? So its not police headquarters but a library/archive.
Wow Lift. How do you miss a giant structure like that?!
Did they not get the everstorm here or something? Nobody seems to be talking about it. Is it cus normally storms die down by the time thwy reach here? Or was that the unexpected highstorm.
Damn shame it always seems the farmers hit some of the worst in a crisis. They work so hard too :(
I feel that's gonna be important, the fact it all slopes away from here, the central point.
Omds Lift😂😂 comparing it to bollocks. Jeez😂😂😬
Ol' white hair talking bout art. Maybe THIS is Hoid? Didn't he talk about spending time inside a greatshell? Book 6 needs to give us that encounter haha.
😂😂 tax collectors. Its always the tax collectors isn't it.
These archives. Could they be THE stormlight archives 😉 doubt it but it would be funny. They have so much info too. What are the bets some key information is hidden deep down inside?!
Ahhaha yes! Lift gets to channel her inner Wayne!
Ooh soft clothing is the best Lift, i agree!
Oh my. A fat Lift. Imagine that haha.
Ooh a new spren. Cool!
I like the image of this grand library kinda deal. Pretty cool. Similar to Taravangian's in Kharbranth!
😂😂 the chair sighed. Love it. And the best thing is, it probably literally sighed in the CR!
These names! And Lift says she isn't imaginative!!
Uh oh. Time's nearly up Lift!
Oh come on Wyndle, you know you didn't really have a choice 😂😂
I wonder who the other spanreeds were to.
Well Lift, let me tell you about a little something called Skype😉 or even Seons!
Ooh Hauka. Is she the one who's the other radiant maybe? She keeps turning up after all!
Jeez Wyndle is really worried about Lift being stabbed in particular. He said it before!
Yayy. Lift has been saved from capture! Although such an event as this is sure to draw Nale's attention 😬
Yanagawn. Gawx. Hmm i prefer the original name. Yanagawn makes me think of yawning!
Haha food on her mind always. Though i suppose she did just use up a fair amoung of stormlight.
Haha i just have this hillarious image of Lift eating pancakes whilst she has a bunch of servants doing her bidding. She gotta be loving this.
There we go..there's the mention of the everstorm. From looking at the map, it could hit Yeddaw very very soon. Shoulda listened to them Gawx!
😂😂😂😂😂 whattttt? Your pancakefulness?!!! Amazing. I love it so much.
Oh i hope there isn't war with Dalinar. He is an honourable man. well he is now anyway. And why would they warn you of something they deliberately did?! Learn your lesson from not listening to them already Gawx!
Flip that's close! Oh Sanderson, don't leave us woth the storm hitting Tashikk and Lift there. Don't do thar to us!!
Iove that line. The world ends tomorrow, but the day after that, people are going to ask what's for breakfast.
Be careful Lift. Word will get back to darkness no doubt 😅
Aww Lift. They miss you. Come onnnnn.
Haha i think the staring contest is the worst of those two statements!
Ooh so it is money laundering!
Three hours till THE EVERSTORM!!!!!!
Hmm. What's up with those spren with the sugar water? Weird
Is this luck stuff to do with Fortune in the Cosmere? Which we don't really know too much about. Maybe in TLM?
Yeah darkness is an asshole.
Poor girl. So young and has such responsibility on her here.
2 hours now to the storm?! Oh my goodness.
Then had to go back to the webpage and it worked and i got 1385 in the order! What a whirlwind eh. Hope everyone got what they wanted! Anyway i did plan to do all night but then i got back from work and caught up on the kickstarter progress and scrolled reddit and at that point the livestream was nearly coming up so i watched the stream instead!
Anyway its 8.30 am here so back to the book!
You know i never realised like this would be such an important event in the SA. I thought it was gonna be a fun little novella but i guess you gotta expect this with Brandon!
Ya know, Ghenna just makes me think of.mother Genna from TDR in WoT lol.
Ok Lift, i get your concern but they're trying to save your storming life mate! Its not about defying the emperor.
A mausolem for trees. That creeps me out for some reason.
Gardening boots and chairs?! Honestly he's such a weird one.
Yayy our boii Ym mentioned again.
Well if shes gonna risk her life out in these crazy storms I'm still gonna root for her and Wyndle!
Haha, ain't got that many toes. Love it.
Damn. That's nasty but i suppose to them it makes sense to chuck all.the parshmen out.
Uh oh. These two on the trail again! I guess the man is from yaezir.
Holy fuck. I just realised what a dumbass i am. Its Nightblood. That's why it looks weird and he's listening to it. Interesting it's called Nimi here.
What is this strange afterimage? It sorta sounds like a cognitive shadow. But he's alive?
Aww Wyndle. This is like a sacrifice himself moment. Even though i doubt he'll die.
Ha good at screaming. Is that a reference to the dead shardblades like in WoR?
Hang on. Why does it matter if Szeth looks up or not? Wyndle can just choose to hide himself right?
Oooh i sense an ideal coming.
Hmm. Did Nightblood sense her investiture? Is that how Szeth noticed her? And he's clearly openly defying Nale now. Perhaps Nightblood told Szeth not to attack her. Who knows.
Well that was a waste of time then Wyndle if you got nothing!
Oof but at least he got info about where they're going! Go Lift go! I'm gonna guess its Hauka.
Oh man, if Lift could fly that'd be awesome. Don't think it fits with her surges though.
Wait he's not even in the order? I guess maybe you have to complete all the ideals for your order. I wonder what happens when you do. Do you become like turbo charged or something haha. And what's journeyman skybreakers? Do they have ranks within the order?
Do we reckon this is just ptsd or is there actually something investitury going on with the voices in his head? This actually makes me feel for Szeth too. Can't wait for bk 5 to hear his past.
Ah so my theory was good! Nightblood did stay Szeth's hand!
Rip. There goes my theory of it being Hauka. The only person we've met who disappeared sorta in the street was Nale. I think.
Damn just when you think its sorted the voidbringer q pops up again. I swear we better get a storming answer soon!
Woah. Its the not Hoid but acts like Hoid weird old dude. Surely he's gotta be a worldhopper after this. But who?
Go Lift. May the almighty be with you. Failure is a real prospect. But if we fail to try to save, we would lose something of ourselves.
This kinda mirrors the beginning for me. When Lift was hitting all the trees. But this time she has a purpose and a timebomb.
What's happened to her though? It seems like she's losing control of her powers?
That's what I've been saying the entire storming time! Sure they got the channels but will that be enough? Idk about that.
Ok I'm certain this is linked to an ideal now. She feels this supernatural call.
Welp. She's used all the stormlight. Somehow i think she'll come alright out of this but stormfather this is more epic than i expected!
Eek. I hope the scream isn't our friendly philosopher radiant.
Oh now stupid Stump is back. Brilliant.
Wow. Just this whole emotional revelation by Lift. Its so deep for such a child and its a real gutpunch. Every word you can feel the emotion behind it. I've never had a character feel so real as with Brandon Sanderson.
I hope Mik shows up again. He seemed cool.
Oof who is the older helper. Someone involved in her criminal scheme?😉
Yay its Mik!
Wait what?!!!! She healed him? Man i never even thought of that. So many surprises man.
Meh. I'm still pretty sure she's bad.
I don't think he's dead. Go save him Lift. Be the radiant you were born to be.
Well at least they get a decent level of warning if its slower!
Damn. There's fucking libertarians everywhere man😂😂 hiding behind cloth in their shanties instead of following the govt.
Red lightning. ODIUM COMESSSSSSSSS!!!!
So now Wyndle is feeling what Syl and Pattern did. I wonder why they both warned of Odium and Wyndle hasn't yet.
Woahhh. They're dead?! Daaaaamnnn old man.
Interesting. I wonder which land that is. Another worldhopping hint? A new soul everyday. I don't agree but nevertheless its an interesting philosophy.
Ok this guy is definitely lightweaving with the shifting perspectives. Waaayyy more advanced than Shallan. And who are the Omnithi?
Ewww thousands of cremlings around them.
Wait they're making his eye and other body parts? Grim. But how can he see out of it if its not an actual eye and same with the arm?
Hmm. Doesn't sleep. Just like spren.
Refugee. From another world?!!! Surely.
Ok ok so he's a reaaaaallllyyyyy old man.
Hang on. Isn't that the names the blurb call the characters? Does this dude write the in world back covers?!! That would be exciting.
So others like him are watching the new radiants. But only he watches Lift. Hmm.
Wait so wtf is he? Is he a cremling himself?
I guess Nale knows him and his people from his own time. But who are they? I get the sense these people are very important background players. Also maybe my theory of it being Hauka is still right!
A Siah. Not heard of them before. Or if we have I've totally missed it. But that isn't what he is. So a close relative. Oh and these cremlings are called horedlings. Fun name.
So we get a name, Arclo. Kinda cool. Sounds like a robot name haha. And they call themselves the Sleepless. The Siah and the Sleepless. Hmmm.
Ohh so he knows Axies. Huh. Does that mean Axies is just a friend or is he one of them? Maybe one of these Siah cus he had funny tatoos but didn't look like this.
Oh snap. When he said before, sometimes i am .... and sometimes i am .... THIS is what he meant. Well played Brandon. Well played indeed my friend.
Ooh so this listening stuff came back around in the end eh. Most stuff usually does!
Aha. She's clocked it. She's realised nobody knows what they're doing for sure. She's finally realised what it means to decide.
Huh. I feel like that isn't as big of a revelation as Brandon is making out, that stump is a radiant. But she healed Mik. That surprised me. Well i didn't think it was Lift but didn't think much else of it.
Man this is so epic beyond what i expected. I love it. THIS is what i wanted from the ends of WoR. I feel much more afraid from it about to hit than i did at the time.
Uh oh. Nale is here if the door is open with that slice too.
Aww these poor kids. So much trauma in their lives :(
Yess i knew it! She's gonna swear another ideal!
This is either gonna be genius or result in Lift's death. I'm hoping its the former! Confronting Nale when he wants to kill you, and living to tell the twice event would be quite a story!
Yeah he seems pretty hollow inside.
Does anyone think Idris Elba would be great as Nale?!
Don't talk about being an insult Nale. You're an insult to the Heralds themselves!
This book has gone very horror in the last couple chapters. I like the atmosphere created!
Great plan Lift, but somehow i think Nale would be prepared for that. He is an Herald after all.
Wow. He even has to consider that question? He's well and truly gone. He doesn't care.
Ok so Stump has gotta be below right. He keeps blocking Lift to go down. He doesn't want her there. Oh and Honor doesn't have anything to do with it. Of he's mad maybe it isnt Honor but something masquerading as Honor? Light is pure? Sounds like a Whitecloak from WoT!! But he has felt guilt before which is interesting. It suggests something really has changed in him.
Oh no oh no oh no. Don't destroy her soul Nale.
Woah. Saved by the Stump?! Amazing 😂😂
Rip. I was totally wrong haha. I thought she was below. Good thing she was up top then!
Fucking hell. She cracked? Oh snap. Literally! 😬 brutal mate. How the fuck is that any kind of justice?
Oh my god he's enjoying it the sick fuck. He wants to taunt Lift. Truly is the personification of darkness itself.
You need to say them out loud Lift!
Change him? But how you gonna do that in like 30 secs mate?!
Ooh yeah if she gets the stormlight from the sphere she could do a lot.
Finally he turns into a metal stick! 😂😂 he knew it was coming!
Cocky much Mr perfect Herald Nale?
Storms. It changes so much aha. Maybe they are voidbringers?! Who knows, who knows.
Well. That was unexpected. And if Nale says he's failed, it doesn't bode well for the future of Roshar? So can radiants de crazify Heralds? Or is he still crazy haha.
Woah. Where'd he go?!
Connection as in cosmere Connection?😉 investiture is already connected to metal on one world.
Hmm. Most curious about spren becoming bows.
Lol. Saved her life and still these two are at it😂😂
Aww yayy Mik got his mum back. So happy.
See! This is what I'm on about! ' OH NOOOOO ITS AN EVIL WORLD ENDING STORM'.... The next day ' IT WASN'T TOO BAD. Uugh. Soo much hype and then it just turned out flat. Obviously it isn't great but then you don't build it up to be world destroying and then just leave it at, oh its bad but not THAT bad. This was my main problem with the end of WoR. Its hyped up as this insanely epic ending, but it fell mostly flat for me because the Everstorm never felt as bad as it was made out to be.
Isn't that like Ym's spren? So she's a Truthwatcher as I've been told he is?
Oh wow. A Shardfork! That's perfect for Lift haha.
Well at least the empire survives for now. Winds not as bad, see see 😉 lightning could happen anytime to someone unlucky in any storm. I heard Oathbringer may change my mind on its destruction. But still.
Haha that would be the most annoying problem. Its like Kaladin can't heal his scar.
I swear we better find out more about voidbringers in Oathbringer. We need to clear this up for good.
😂😂 damn Lift can be savage.
😂😂 applying the law when she can't get food. Sounds about right for Lift.
Ooh so next time we see her she'll probably be in Azimir. Gawx might show up in person again! I think Azirmirian politics and the Makabi region will play a role in things for sure. War seems on the way with the Alethi perhaps.
Nice little goodbye to Hauka. And healing the refugees. Too good, too good.
Oof i love the foreboding ' something larger was coming'. Lines like that leave me teased with glee. Azir will indeed be important it seems.
Aww yayy. She finally is starting to admit the truth about Wyndle!
Ok so you can probably tell, but i storming loved this book! So much fun and joy interspersed with moments of real darkness. I gotta say, i really assumed it was just gonna be a fun side novella but i shoulda known with Brandon. We got a lot of cool insight, met some new weird creatures and another few radiants. Their presence is becoming more and more prevalent it seems. I'm keen to see what happened to Nale, where Szeth goes next, what Lift does in Azimir. Only slight disappointment was how epic it was near the end and then the everstorm didn't live quite up to it again. But overall i was incredibly impressed. Emotions hit hard, humour went well, a satisfying ending. 9/10
And now I'm gonna briefly discuss my thoughts on the short story the Traveller which I've been recommended to read and it doesn't have Oathbringer spoilers.
Ok so the Traveller is clearly Hoid.
A lizard? Is this Frost, the dragon dude? But how can he take human form?
Oof. What is Hoid seeking?
Talks about him making a choice. Didn't we get info before that Hoid was offered the chance to join the shards in shattering Adonalsium? And is he seeking vengeance for someone he loved that was killed by Rayse?
My my, this does raise a lot of qs. A juicy little tidbit.
Well my friends. A long journey it has been to this day. Much has changed since i started my Cosmere journey 2 years ago. A naive 18 year old, I've been to NZ and travelled to some of the most amazing places. Always with Brandon by my side. Since i started WoK just under a year ago, the world has changed beyond recognition and we all face it together. These are dark times but we have Brandon to help us through. An escape.
And so i go, to my final major Cosmere book of the published works. Life before death, strength before weakness radiants. Oathbringer awaits and i can'twait for you to join me on my journey......
Edit - my current plan is to listen to a couple of edgedancer podcasts and then make my own post about oathbringer predictions and listen to the shardcast episode. Maybe i might start tomorrow evening just the prologue
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2020.07.08 11:31 Georgeipie Converting Space Marines into Iron Warriors

I've started to paint some older space marine's as Iron Warriors hoping I'd be able to add enough detail to make them look like Chaos Space Marines. I'm currently trying to find bits to add to the model such as chain's some spikes, servo arms, etc but can't work out a cost effective option to do this. The idea of buying a whole just to improve my models is basically not viable. I'm in NZ so there are no models under $30 and with squads or characters being much higher. Any ideas for someone with little experience in the hobby to make these guys into the deal?
Also probably silly question but im struggling to do the hazard stripes any tips; or is just experience
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2020.07.08 05:00 mikhailnikolaievitch Respect Ultimate Professor X (Marvel, 1610)

Respect Professor X

When all else fails we must think the unthinkable.
History: As an idealistic young mutant, Xavier developed a vision for the future in tandem with his friend, another mutant known as Magneto. Magneto's increasingly militaristic beliefs conflicted with Xavier's pacifistic philosophies, culminating in Magneto paralyzing his former friend on the mutant refuge they founded together.
After moving his operation to Westchester, New York and founding the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children, Charles began collecting young mutants he could train in the use of their powers. Eventually the group became the X-Men, chief representatives for the good of mutant kind. Though the X-Men saved the world countless times, they ultimately failed to save Xavier himself when his former friend Magneto appeared at the mansion to kill him once and for all.
Powers: Xavier is possibly the greatest telepath on the planet, capable of reading, controlling, and altering minds in a vast area around him. He also possesses a degree of telekinesis he rarely uses. He is also a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, limiting his mobility.
Source Key: Ultimate X-Men = UXM Ultimate Extinction = EX Ultimate Nightmare = UN Ultimate Origins = UO Ultimates 2 #2 = U2 Ultimatum = UM Ultimate Spider-Man = USM Ultimate War #4 = UW X4 = X4 




Mind Control

Altering perceptions
Altering memories
Direct Control


Mental Combat




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2020.07.07 21:41 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 38 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: Frances befriended her classmate Elizabeth and the knight Martin, but a misunderstanding occurs just before they go to escort a supply convoy into the siege camp. Will they resolve their differences before they go into danger? Find out on this update!
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 37] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 39=>]
[Map of Durannon]
This chapter was pre-read by u/totallyundescript.
Riding to Westfall Pass would take the better part of a day. So as she rode, Frances had to force herself to scan the road and resist the temptation to look over her shoulders to her friends.
She knew Elizabeth was angry at her, but she didn’t know why, or even how badly. Her classmate seemed to be jealous of her, but the constant apologies didn’t seem to help that. The girl seemed to sway between worry and fury so quickly that Frances had no idea what she felt.
Martin had to be annoyed at Elizabeth too. Frances looked up to the knight, whose visor was open, and was scanning the road winding up to the pass’s entrance. She needed to get Elizabeth and him to make up. But she’d never had to get people to become less angry with each other. She only ever had to deal with people being angry at her.
Frances exhaled, slowly, to disguise her groan as a sigh. She’d been trying so hard to befriend Martin and Elizabeth. She’d made snacks, Hearthsange and done everything she could to help them, but now they were annoyed at each other.
To make matters worse, her mentor hadn’t covered or discussed how to resolve friendship problems. In fact, Edana had been a bit hesitant to give Frances advice on how to make friends. She'd explained her hesitance by pointing out that Frances needed to learn how to make friends, not learn how Edana would make new friends. She had also mentioned that Frances should try not to think too hard about how to get along with potential friends, and instead, just accompany them or ask what would people she liked enjoyed doing or talking about.
It was this advice that Frances had tried to follow, and it seemed to be going well, until this moment.
“Frances,” Elizabeth said.
Frances jumped, torn out of her thoughts. Elizabeth had nudged her horse so it was beside hers.
“I’m really sorry about what I said. Can you forgive me?” Elizabeth asked. Her visor was up and Frances could instantly tell she was being sincere, and more than a little anxious.
“I… of course,” said Frances, relieved to do so. She smiled, “I’m sorry for making you angry at me.”
“Angry at you—” Elizabeth blinked, eyes reflecting confusion “—Frances, you didn’t do anything. I was just being jealous of you.”
Frances’s mind did the equivalent of a record scratch and she stared blankly at Elizabeth.
“By Amura and Rathron, why would you be jealous of me?” Frances asked. The girl couldn’t imagine why anybody would be envious of her. When Frances tried to think of why Elizabeth would be jealous, memories of her parents screaming at her swirled into the forefront of her mind. She could suddenly, vividly, hear them telling her what she was—just a worthless girl.
Elizabeth blinked, opened her mouth and suddenly looked ashamed.
“I… you don’t know this, but our instructors quite often whisper how good you are, and why we aren’t any better. We also… hear things in the rumour mill. Like how you cast true lightning and can teleport.” Elizabeth sighed. “And when I was sent to meet you I wanted to know more, so I talked to everybody I knew to find out about you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taken the rumours so seriously.”
Frances shut her eyes, trying to block the words her parents berated her with. Yet, “worthless,” and “waste-of-space” continued to surface like corks that wouldn’t sink. Logically, she knew that she wasn’t worthless, or a waste of space. Edana had repeatedly told her that she was worthy, and she trusted her loving mentor.
But no matter what, Frances couldn’t help but remember that her own parents thought she was worthless.
“Elizabeth, yes, I can cast true lightning, and I know the theory behind teleportation and have tried it once before you arrived, but the rumours you heard are likely exaggerated. While my missions were successful, they weren’t too challenging. Most of them were escort or defence missions.”
Elizabeth frowned. “Hold on, but you succeeded in all of your missions?”
Frances nodded, not quite sure how that was relevant. Elizabeth looked like she was going to say something, but Martin drew his horse back so he was beside them.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help but listen in. Do you mind if I join this conversation?” Martin asked.
Frances smiled and shook her head, whilst Elizabeth said, “Please! And I’m sorry for being such a burden, Martin.”
“All’s forgiven. You’re just nervous before your first battle. Please continue your line of inquiry, Elizabeth.” The knight was extremely curious to know how the Otherworlders thought of each other, especially since Frances seemed to be far apart from the others.
Elizabeth was beginning to put the pieces together and she pressed on. “Frances, how many missions have you completed?”
“Three,” Frances said.
“You do realize that none of us have been given more than one mission and even then we’ve all failed?” Elizabeth asked, watching the girl’s features.
Frances stared at Elizabeth. “What? But… how… how about Jake? You know, class jock Jake?”
“He quit three months ago. Teleported himself back home,” Elizabeth said, unable to keep the bitterness from her voice. Jake had berated many when they failed their missions, only to quit on the eve of his own.
Agog, Frances searched for another name and face. “Wanda? Smartest girl, class president Wanda?”
Elizabeth pursed her lips. “Not doing great. She’s trying to be a mage, but she panicked when orcs attacked her caravan in Lapanteria.”
“Jessica and Leila?” Frances spluttered. Her old bullies had to be doing well. They terrorized her when she was at school and she vividly remembered their fists against her skin.
Elizabeth took a moment to recognize those two names, but when she did, a host of unpleasant memories came back. “Those two? Annoyingly enough they did okay on their first mission. Jessica may have mellowed a bit, but Leila still tries to pick on people. Anyway, they have other things to worry about. They’ve just been sent on a second mission now that they’re rather nervous about.”
“Alan and Charlie? I know they’re your good friends and are really—”
“They failed and just teleported home,” Elizabeth spat, her voice choking at the end. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.
“Sorry. I… I’m sorry,” she croaked, bitter feelings rising back to squeeze her throat and burn like bile.
“Don’t be. You’re mad and angry, and sad. You don’t need to apologize for that,” Frances said. Taking a deep breath, Frances nudged her horse closer to Elizabeth and gently reached her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Would you like to stop for a moment, Elizabeth?”
Elizabeth sniffled. “I’m good. I’m just…” She turned to look at Frances, trying not to sound as desperate as she felt. “How do you do it, Frances? How are you so… comfortable in this world?”
Frances knew the answer that immediately, but she took a moment to give Elizabeth her handkerchief, waiting for the girl to use it to wipe her eyes.
“It’s mostly because my mentor, Edana, is a great teacher, and has spent substantial time training me,” Frances said finally, thinking how lucky she was to have met her Master.
“Edana? Isn’t she the head of the White Order?” Elizabeth asked.
“You’re apprenticed to Edana Firehand?” Martin scream-shouted, at a pitch so high that Frances wondered if he had trained to be a soprano. After giving her ears a moment to recover, she nodded.
“Edana Firehand?” Elizabeth asked questioningly.
Martin stared at Elizabeth as if she’d grown a second head. “The Flame of Erisdale, the Princess of Perdition, the Human Kingdoms' most powerful mage, period. She has taken on armies and won. Yet, she asks nothing for herself but comfortable life and to lead the White Order in defence of the Human Kingdoms! She’s … so… amazing!”
Frances blinked hard as Martin seemed to look at her with shining eyes. “Can you tell me about how she teaches you? What’s she like? Does she have any favourite books?”
Elizabeth giggled, finding the knight’s enthusiasm completely infectious, contagious. “You sound like you have a bit of a crush on her, Martin,” she teased.
Martin’s head bobbed up and down. “Oh, you bet I do! She’s just so…amazing, fantastic, awesome and—”
“Cool?” Elizabeth finished.
The knight pursed his lips. “Hmm, yes, cool. You must think the same, Frances!”
Frances blinked and thought back to her mentor. She never really thought of her teacher as a ‘cool’ person, just… loving, kind, caring, trustworthy, and the best teacher ever. Actually...
“Yes, she’s really, cool,” said Frances. She smiled brightly at the thought of making Edana laugh when she inevitably relayed this conversation to her by the communication mirror.
“Well, that explains it, you have a really cool mentor.” Elizabeth sighed. “Awww, man, I wish I had a cool mentor to teach me stuff one on one.”
It was then a thought occurred to Frances. “My master has a good friend I know who wants to mentor a hero or heroine. Um, to be honest, her last student was one of our classmates, but perhaps he, she or all previous apprentices ended up quitting. I don’t think she’s bad, though, just demanding. Edana asked her to teach me survival skills.”
Elizabeth arched an eyebrow. “Who? And who did she teach?”
Frances glanced at Martin, “Lady Igraine of Leipmont. I don’t know who she taught. Does she sound familiar?”
Martin’s eyes widened. “I’d take that offer Elizabeth. Lady Igraine is a really famous ranger, and an amazing warrior, nearly as good as Lady Alice Trollhammer.”
Elizabeth nodded and blinked. “Wait, you’d do that for me, Frances? Just… introduce me to a mentor like that?”
“Um, yes. I mean…” Frances took a deep breath. “That is what friends do right?”
She waited with bated breath, watching Elizabeth stare at her.
Charlie, Alan, her friends were good people, but they had moments where they could be sneaky, and completely selfish. She learned that the hard way. And yet, here was someone whom she thought-and treated as a weirdo, that was willing to help her, no questions asked.
Elizabeth swallowed and wiped her eyes with Frances’s handkerchief feeling so glad, and completely ashamed.
“Frances… thank you,” Elizabeth said, her voice thick with emotion.
Frances just managed to bite back her sigh of relief. “You’re welcome. Martin, I can also introduce you to Edana—”
“Frances, I’d be overjoyed if I met her, but you need not set up an appointment,” said Martin. He raised his hand when Frances tried to protest. “I’m glad you see me as a friend, and I see you as a friend too, but my offer of friendship isn’t reliant on you doing good things for me.”
Frances blinked. “Wait, isn’t that what friendship is? A relationship built on people sharing things and doing favours for one another?” Frances winced. “I’m sorry, I’m not very good at making friends, I’m afraid.”
Martin regarded Frances with a decidedly confused look. “That’s a bit too clinical of a description, but while you’re not wrong, true friendship shouldn’t be reliant on that kind of sharing.”
Elizabeth wasn’t confused, she was completely baffled and shocked. “I know you were pretty quiet, but you had a few friends before, right Frances?”
Frances’s voice caught in her throat and she averted her gaze. She didn’t really have a friend. At school, she had people she sometimes talked to. Most of the time, she’d been too afraid that they would see her for the worthless waste-of-space she used to think she was—and sometimes still thought—she had to be. She scrambled for an answer that a normal girl would give, not noticing her two friends wide-eyed looks.
As Elizabeth stared at her new friend, a pang of intense guilt struck her. Frances was the nicest and most thoughtful girl she’d ever met. Sure, she wasn’t the most entertaining, or funny person, but Elizabeth really enjoyed the time she spent with Frances. Thus, Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder how much fun she would have had, how she could have alleviated Frances’s loneliness, if only she’d actually reached out.
As for Martin, the knight found a chill creeping up his spine. His mother was the Chief Justice of their county’s manorial court, and she had always reminded him that if it seemed odd, it probably was odd. Martin had no doubt Frances was as nice as she appeared to be, but that brought up the question as to why Frances, a girl of fifteen, had not made a single friend. Something wasn’t right and he believed that whatever it was, it was deeply affecting Frances
Shaking his head, Martin took a deep breath. But now was not to time to pry, they were on the road and Frances squirmed at the question.
“Frances, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”
Elizabeth glanced at Martin, but then took in Frances’s stricken expression and nodded. “Yeah, you don’t need to answer that.” Elizabeth smiled sheepishly. “I do wish I had got—gotten to know you before we got summoned to Durrannon, though. I mean, you’re a pretty cool person yourself.”
The relief Frances felt at not needing to answer that awkward question was suddenly replaced by the utter shock of the fact that somebody would actually think she was a cool person. Elizabeth thought that she was cool. She pinched her arm. Nope, she wasn’t dreaming.
“Oh… thanks, Elizabeth, and thanks, Martin.” Frances tried to say that as naturally as she could, but she knew her cheeks were burning and her lips were forming a wide grin.
Elizabeth smiled, as did Martin. As the knight turned his eyes back to the road, though, his smile faded.
The trio had been trotting up the valley floor toward Westfall Pass, which was quite wide, as the high mountains framing the entrance to the valley sloped slowly toward the ground. However, the road through Westfall Pass itself was flanked heavily by forests.
“We’re approaching Westfall Pass, we should get ready,” Martin said, hefting his spear up from where he had rested it across his saddle.
Frances breathed in, exhaled, and nodded. She could think about the confusing, and pleasant experience of having actual friends later on, preferably after a long discussion with Edana.
Elizabeth glanced around. “Good idea, um, visor on or off?”
“Visor off, for the moment. Keep vigilant, we don’t know where they might be hiding,” said Martin.
Frances nodded and placed her right hand next to Ivy’s Sting. If all went well, she wouldn’t need it.
But as her mentor said, better to be safe than sorry.
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I will say you readers are damn amazing. I love the consistent comments and upvotes on the chapters. I plan that once I get 30 subscribers I'll make a Discord server. Right now I'm at 21 so... nine away. It will be for the series, with discussion on the story, author asking reader and reader asking author channel, as well as an artwork and music sharing channel.
Unfortunately, I don't think I can crank out a worldbuilding post on my subreddit by tomorrow. This one will be on Edana's backstory, but I need more time to work out some details.
For the question of the update: Favorite fictional friendship? It can be one that turned romantic, but it must be one that started out as friendship. Mine would be Harry and Ron's friendship from the Harry Potter books (and yes... I know about the JK Rowling controversy, I disapprove of her views, but I still like the series).
Finnnaaaally, Oi, check out the gutcrackingly funny The Extramundane Emancipation of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large which I am beta-reading for.
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2020.07.07 18:03 Inbxtweener I (17M) have an abusive father and a deceased mother. All of it is catching up on me and I don't know to cope.

This post contains explicit language. TL;DR at bottom.
Hi. I'll be honest and open here with you all. My name's Luke, I'm 17 years old and I reside in Perth, Australia.
I was born in Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia and lived there for the first 3 years of my life. After those 3 years were up, my parents had decided to make the move to Perth and it was because I think my father had found work over there. We packed up the car and drove the massive drive from one end of the country to the other. We had stopped in Adelaide for a while to catch up with my uncle and my cousins who had lived there.
Skip forward a little while to when I was 5. Sometime before I had turned 5, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her breasts removed and it seemed that was it. Afterwards, my mother had found out my father had affairs behind her back for god knows how long while they were married for a whole 15 years. Me and my mother left Perth bound for New Zealand where my mother was originally from on the 7th of March 2008. I lived in the small town of Richmond which was close to the small city of Nelson at the very north of the South Island of NZ. I attended a primary school there and things I guess seemed okay. It was until on the 27th of March 2008, just shy of 3 weeks after moving there that my mother passed away at 11:53am of bone marrow cancer (caused by the late found breast cancer) which had spread through out her body. I don't have much memory of the funeral or how I was told that my mother had died at the age of 5 - all I know is that she died of how she died and the time she died in hospital that day.
After my mother had passed away I had to go back to Perth to live with my dad. He had been fucking around with different women and eventually found someone he seemed suitable. I was told that he couldn't marry her because I was around (being 7 at the time now) and I was just a mistake in his eyes. He physically abused me with anything he could get his hands on whether it be a belt to a wooden spoon to a frying pan. He had barred up my windows and locked me in my room as punishment to the smallest of things. Eventually the D.C.P (Department of Child Protection) got involved and called my Aunt and Uncle residing in Christchurch, New Zealand and gave them 48 hours to decide whether to take me or not. They agreed to take me and on the 23rd of December, 2010 at the age of 8 - I left Perth to start a new life I guess.
I spent 2010 to 2019 in New Zealand and it was great to be fair. I consider my Aunt (my mum's sister) and my uncle to be my 2nd mum and dad. But I didn't feel quite right because I ended up feeling I wanted a second chance. Me and my father started messaging after 8 years of absence and on the 1st of April, 2019 I flew back to Perth to rekindle my relationship with my father. Of course my Aunt and Uncle were worried for my sakes as all my family was in NZ but they supported me in my decision anyway.
So I moved in with my father and his current wife (a different one from 10 years ago) and things seemed okay for a couple of months. Then it started to go downhill, he yelled at me, questioned every decision I had made and even openly said that if I hadn't left to go to NZ when I was 8, he would have murdered me and have been willing to spend the time for it. He started to neglect me and never really took me anywhere or did anything like a father - son should do. I'm into aviation (planes) and trains and want to eventually become a train driver and when I went out to go watch planes or trains, I'd always do it alone. In December of 2019, I decided that enough was enough and I moved into a place with a friend I'd had met while plane spotting one time and had become close with. I'm happy where I am now and we have our falling outs but all close friends do and we find ways to pull through.
But lately I've felt as if I haven't actually gotten over everything that had happened. I had always believed that I was okay with my father's abuse toward me and my mother's death when I was only 5 and have no real memory of her, just pictures to look at. I went to my local doctor and got a mental health assessment and was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and I guess what maybe shocked me most was PTSD. The PTSD result really put me down because I had spent years thinking it was okay. I'm going to start attending a psychologist in the coming weeks but I feel as if that may not be enough. Is there anything else I could do, or go see someone, that would help me further?
TL;DR: My mother died at the age of 5, my father abused the fuck out of me and now I've been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. Going to start seeing a psychologist but I feel as if that's not enough. What else could I do that may be able to help me further?
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2020.07.06 23:16 mcmxcixmm W.I.T.C.H. remastered from official DVDs (multilingual)

UPDATE: Thank you all for the comments - they're hugely appreciated! (Though I'd also be curious to see some later feedback, after you've actually downloaded and watched them...)
First of all, a note for the mod(s): Disney has essentially abandoned this show. There are full episodes on YouTube that were uploaded in the 2000s. If you put one up now, the only part that gets flagged is the theme song - and even then, that's only because the full soundtrack album was added by YouTube's automated streaming service recently. So the risk is basically zero, and given the fact it's almost impossible to buy (even these DVDs are now out-of-print), I consider this a public service.
This is a project that I have been working on for roughly two (2) years now. I've gathered all the European DVD releases (all officially licensed by Disney, not bootlegs like what I've seen mentioned here!!!), muxed all the audio and subtitles from them together into a single file for each episode (note: they sync perfectly), and chosen the best video track to encode. This last part is what has taken so long - while the audio is incredibly high quality, and both the audio and subtitles are bit-for-bit identical to what's on the respective DVDs, I've spent almost all of that time getting the video into shape.
While most of the DVD footage is also very high quality, there are occasional segments that are interlaced, and the first couple of episodes also have poorly attempted deinterlacing (which is a much bigger problem). Ultimately, I've basically had to go through the footage frame-by-frame and manually flag each frame as requiring deinterlacing or not (though I was greatly assisted by an automated algorithm). Simply applying a deinterlacer, even a "smart" decomb, for the whole video would have unacceptably damaged the quality of the already-progressive frames that are the vast majority of this high-quality DVD video.
Anyways, tech talk aside... I'd like to be clear about one thing (sorry for the caps, but they're needed here): THIS IS VERY LIKELY THE HIGHEST QUALITY VERSION OF THE SHOW THAT YOU WILL EVER FIND. The series was produced in 576p (there's proof of this in case anyone cares), and given its unpopularity there is no reasonable chance it would ever be reanimated from scratch, which is what you would need to get any sort of genuine HD release. (Note: upscales are terrible. You cannot accurately "recreate" a pixel that was never there in the first place with any algorithm, no matter how advanced. Many upscales look great at first but a keen viewer quickly sees they always have significant artifacts, and sometimes disturbing ones at that.)
Even if it is released on Disney+ one day (Disney does have global rights to the show by the way) it would probably be lower quality than these files. First of all, nobody really cares about PAL resolutions outside of DVDs. (YouTube doesn't even have 576p as an option, for example.) On top of that, I highly doubt someone at Disney is going to spend anywhere remotely near the time I have to make an unpopular show look better, especially when Disney+ has actual popular shows that look terrible because nobody at Disney could be bothered to fix them up. What Disney+ COULD definitely provide for the show is more audio and subtitle tracks for different languages, especially season 2 subtitles in English (which unfortunately weren't released on DVD) along with "filling in" the missing tracks for the languages that got some DVD releases, but not the whole series.
Also, for those who care about artistic integrity: this is the show as it was originally made, and originally meant to be seen. The DVDs include both versions (i.e. one per season) of the original opening by the actual composers, all of the episodes in full (a couple of episodes were censored on TV in certain countries), in the right order (note episode 16 in season 1), and with the right audio pitch (unlike the American broadcasts) - and that's exactly what you get here.
If anyone has any questions about this release, or even something about the show in general, please do ask. Now, without further ado, here is the info about what exactly is included, followed by the actual links:
Audio Languages
Episodes 1-52: English, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian
Episodes 1-26: French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German
Episodes 1-11: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish
Subtitle Languages
Episodes 1-52: Russian, Ukrainian
Episodes 1-26: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German
Episodes 1-11: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish
Chapters Included
MEGA (direct download):
Torrent (trackerless/DHT):
My scripts for this project & DVD ISOs: ask me for links if you want them
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2020.07.05 11:21 MrMildlyImpressive [IWantOut] 30M SA -> IE/AU/DE/NL/Anywhere

Hello everyone,
I'm from South Africa and hoping to move abroad as soon as possible.
Work: About myself, I'm 30M and currently working as QA Analyst. I have 7 years verifiable experience in QA, some of which are at one of the largest banks our country. Additionally, for what it's worth, I have roughly 3 years automation experience and am continuing to focus on increasing my skill in this area. I mention this because I know there is more of a demand for an automation QA, as these tend to be more difficult to find.
Education: As for education, unfortunately I do not hold a degree. I have an ISTQB (universally related to QA) and some national certificates with recognizable equivalents in other countries (at least in Ireland).
I understand, given current world events, I'd need to wait until the dust settles and that this process will be even more challenging. I was just hoping for some general advice and recommendations.
I've primarily been interested in moving to Ireland, Australia, NZ, Germany or Netherlands. To be honest, at this stage, I am very much open to any country that would have me. Provided it offers security and an opportunity to be able to make a decent living - with the long-term goal of hopefully being able to obtain citizenship in said country.
While I have lots work experience, I'm uncertain about how much of a drawback my lack of education will be. I've read conflicting opinions on the impact of not having a degree. Tech seems to be one of the few industries in which you can still get away with it. However, on the other hand, I've read equally convincing opinions that the lack of a degree could be a deal breaker, at least in some cases. To add to this, I do fully intend to study towards my degree online (online as I have to work full-time), however, I really do not want to have to stay in my country until such time that I complete it. Studying in another country would not be an option, unless it's relatively affordable and I am able to work full time whilst doing so. That would actually be ideal, if it all possible.
All that all being said, do I have any shot with the above mentioned countries? (whilst in the process of obtaining my degree, not after). Otherwise, are there any other safe countries which you'd suggest that I rather look into, even if it's just a temporary short-term move and not my "forever home"?
If I am coming across as picky, that is not my intention. I am aware this is a competitive process and that I am not bringing much to the table as compared to someone who has a masters etc. I'd also like to emphasize, while I did mention Ireland, Australia etc. as my ideal picks, I am very much open to and actually quite desperate to move to most anywhere that would offer a safe and stable living.
Any feedback / suggestions would be highly appreciated :)
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2020.07.05 10:31 JamesHeretic95 The rights of Hospitals to hold people against their will - Duty of Care Update.

A month or so ago I posted a thread asking about the rights when a hospital holds a patient against their will cause they believe they are a harm to themselves or others and whether something called a "duty of care" be used to hold someone. I was always under the impression to hold someone for assessment or treatment against their will they must use the Mental Health Act and I believe I have found that not to be the case but that some hospitals, especially I know the Middlemore Emergency department. First off I was held by the Middlemore Emergency department, I wont go in to the whole story by an indecent happened and I made a complaint, during the complaint process I was told multiple times first in written form then in person I was held under a "duty of care" I asked what exactly that legislation was and got this reply - If you wanna hear a small part of a meeting with some top Middlemore people put file/1jByEILB#EKlGKtOXhBH2_5P_IUSbP2V6RtBlMSjYVoW1m_HGymc in front of mega dot nz
Anyway as I said I had my doubt so I had already emailed the Minister of Health asking him to clarify the position in terms of holding patients and this is the response I just got last week. -
As you can see their is no mention the legislation quoted by middlemore and the only mention of duty of care is talked about when mention section 41 of the crimes act which allows any person to stop someone from trying to kill themselves or cause severe injury to themselves, though from what it sounds like even in that case the Mental Health Act still should then by used.
And understand most people wont care about this and it wont effect a lot of people but for the people it may effect, if you feel at one stage you may find yourself being held I suggest emailing the Health Minister (thats Chris Hipkins now BTW) and getting a response like I have got show you can show medical professionals your rights, cause when you do get put under the Mental Health Act it does give you a lot more rights plus I believe it actually makes the whole thing legal.
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2020.07.05 00:22 grizzlywolve Cultural Difference in dating (Western/Asian)

Hi guys I’m a Malaysian of Indian descent. I moved to NZ couple of years ago to study. Back when I was home I was still growing up and learning about things. I was fairly shy and quiet but as I went on to live on my own I could definitely say that my confidence level and social skills have picked up. Although that’s the case, living in a Nz had definitely made me to be a lot more proactive in terms of finding someone to date or potential romantic partner. I’ve had a very minimal/decent amount of interactions with the locals/ white people since they make up most of the demographics here. However, I still find it hard to find someone through dating apps . I find going out clubbing to be a more successful way of me meeting new girls. But the thing is it’s very uncertain . So my only question is what am I doing wrong to be better in terms of my dating game overseas? What should I improve on?
p/s:- I would consider myself a decent looking higher than average boy & have made heaps of local kiwi friends
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2020.07.04 17:18 LurkFromHomeAskMeHow u/RoseFire007 accurately describes the emotional ups and downs of moving to a new country, in this case NZ

Credit rosefire007
Everyone's experience differs, dependent on their circumstances.
The one thing I can say, supported by science and applicable to just about every migrant to every country, is to expect a "U" shape in emotions. Starting off, you will be on the left hand side of the "U". You will be bussing, excited, happy and looking forward to the future.
As reality kicks in, you will descend to the bottom of the 'U". Nasty people exist here, too. Everything is outrageously expensive. Your workmates may be ostracising you, and you don't know why. Or, you may have difficulty getting a job. The kids get eczema/asthma and you know it’s the climate. Everything is weird. You cant tell who is rich and who is poor. You see scary looking people walking around with tatts on their face. Christmas is in the middle of Summer. The food is weird, the weather is weird and you just feel like you DON’T BELONG HERE and that you are being slapped in the face with that fact, DAILY. Thanks giving is not a thing, and Halloween is not much of a thing. You feel like an outsider, struggle with understanding accents (and SO MANY of them) and feel like everyone is in on a joke- apart from you.
You, on the other hand, are doing everything like a ‘normal’ person would do, but you are not getting expected reactions. ‘Normal’ things you say and do are seen as offensive, and you don’t get it. Contrasted with others being EXTREMELY ‘offensive’ but you are expected to ‘suck it up”.
You think you did well at work or an interaction, but you find out later that it was a complete disaster. Then something happens. It's a "final straw". It may be big or small, someone may accuse you of loving Trump (or not loving Trump ENOUGH), the outing you planned for weeks is off because of weather, or maybe you just dropped your coffee on the floor. You snap.
You collapse into a heap, sobbing on the floor. This was a BIG mistake, and ANYTHING would be better. You regret coming. You slowly put yourself together, and start making plans to return to USA. You kinda regret gloating as you left, and start thinking up cover stories on why you left the "perfect" country. Lets just say NZ is not your favourite place at this point, and you wouldn't have any problems if it was wiped off the map (after you leave, obvs)
This is the bottom of the 'U".
You apologize to your wife and kids for the terrible mistake you made. You feel really stupid. But you can’t leave at this very minute, plans need to be made.
Then – without even realising- you start coming up the other side. You adapt, learn the (weird) social cues and click that even mentioning your achievements is seen as ‘boasting’ and its best to keep quiet about them. You realise that calling a biscuit a ‘scone’ is not the end off the world, and if you REALLY want canned pumpkin you can order online. The kids have made friends at school, and you can see the humour in being caught in a downpour. You find pleasure in a little thing, maybe walking to work or realising that the ‘weird’ smell coming off the apple is actually because apples do smell like…apples.
Before you know it, you are on the right side of the ‘U”, and can’t even remember a time that you didn’t love it here and you ‘tsk tsk’ at the stories coming out from back home.
You realise that NZ is NOT the ‘perfect country”- but its pretty bloody close.
You have come out the other side, and you are so glad you are here!
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2020.07.03 18:49 Traveling_Turkey Mononymous Kiwi Performer Who Created 20 Masterpieces with GarageBand by Darren Burch

Mononymous Kiwi Performer Who Created 20 Masterpieces with GarageBand by Darren Burch
Mononymous Kiwi Performer Who Created 20 Masterpieces with GarageBand First, let's go back a few years. I started learning some basic guitar in Australia with some hippies, that were still stuck in the 60s. After a couple of years, I went back to my home country New Zealand with only 20 dollars in my back pocket. Then I managed to get my old job back, as a glass sandblaster. This was great because I was then able to save some money. To get some of my songs recording in a studio. I use to sing a lot to myself when I was a child. But then for some reason, I didn't like singing other people's songs anymore. Unless they were my own. Anyway I wasn't the best at singing covers. So instead, I started writing my own songs, that were more suited to my voice. It took me a few years to develop my own individual style. And after countless visits to the recording studio. It was becoming quite expensive. Soon after that. Everything fell apart and I didn't play or wrote another song, until 2015. Almost 20 year later, after I brought myself a blue guitar. It was only $ 130 NZ dollars. I wasn't going to buy an expensive guitar, because they all sounded the same to me. I started using a free recording program called Audacity, which was on my microsoft computer. It was free and it was basic, but I was happy. I was also using a PS2 microphone. for recording my guitar and vocals. Basically, I used anything I could get my hands on. To make my songs sound little better. My first Youtube song was created with Audacity. Then I got my first ipad pro. I was not aware of it, at the time. But I noticed it had GarageBand. After that, There was no way of stopping me. I also had this very cool device, that came with my ipad. Mading it easy for me to plugin my microphone or guitar. It was a massive improvement to what I had before. I used it to its full capability. Learning every aspect. Then I released, I could piece together instrumentals. It was quite easy at first because garageband did most the the thinking for you. But you still needed to understand the basics of how music is pieced together. After a few years, my ipad was starting to play up. That's when I purchased myself a Macbook Air. I wasn't easy at first, because the GarageBand I was use to, was different to the one from my laptop. Plus it didn't have the auto tracks that were on the ipad keyboard. The good news was. I was still able to plugin my guitar, keyboard or microphone. It took me a while to understand how everything worked. The GarageBand from my Macbook had one advantage. That the ipad didn't have. It was the free loops. Then I started to create my own instrumentals by using the loops provided. The songs weren't easy to create because. It all needed to sound right. Anyone can make a song by using loops. But It has to sound right. Music is made up of building blocks. It's maths. You need to find the right pieces. It takes a lot of editing and a lot of time. I would make a piece of music and save it for another day. Then only to return back, to find that. This part doesn't work or this is to high pitched and so on. Most of the time I just gave up. Sometimes returning back after a year later to fix. The biggest problems with loops is everyone uses them. Getting a copyright claim against you from Youtube isn't nice. It's not that someone has used you song. It's because Youtube algorithm hears loops that are used in someone else's song. It can be quite frustrated sometimes. Especially when you get comments from people accusing you for stealing their songs. Even though they don't sound the same. But thank goodness I'm protected by law under a trademark with a registered distribution company. Which makes life so much easier. I create all my songs by using GarageBand. It's a great program to have, if you want to start making your own songs. So now on. since my first encounter. I decided to make my own loops, for my songs to prevent any future hassle. Below is an album that took me over 4 years to complete. There are 20 original tracks that reflect to who I am. I was originally born with no last name. That's why I call my first EP Mononymous. It's a collection of some of my best songs. My name is Darren Burch.
On all music outlet stores
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2020.07.03 02:19 Aseroerubra ACC Wins :,)

This about ACC's sensitive claims service. If you don't want to read about getting help for sexual abuse please don't read further.
My ACC sensitive claims provider just called me up to say my claim has been approved. I'm crying from feelings of relief and being heard.
I decided enough was enough with the state of my life last year. My DHB mental healthcare providers recommended a few treatments to me but I couldn't find an available therapist for months!
Eventually I called ACC up and begged them for help finding someone who suited my needs. They linked me up with a great therapist in about a month. We worked together to file all the paperwork for about 4 months, with ACC covering all sessions and some transport over this time.
I'm ready to let go of feeling this way. I'm ready to work towards a healthy life. I'm so, so ready to work away from chronic pain, fatigue, guilt, panic and depression.
If anyone else out there feels like they're struggling after sexual assault/abuse, no matter how long ago or small it feels, there's resources out there for you. There's trained people who will help you get yourself better.
Feel free to comment with any questions about the process if you're apprehensive!
Find support website:
ACC helpline for their services: 0800 735 566
Free phone counselling: 0800 LIFELINE
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2020.07.02 17:22 spicyholee Is Mega safe?

I saw someone wrote this about
'Choose pCloud if you must. Forget about Mega's cloud, even if it's somewhat open source, because the company is far too suspect. You can't trust Mega.Nz. Of course one could argue that the source code can be viewed and that there's end-to-end encryption so you don't have to trust the company (both of those could change with a future update if they so desired). However, experience and history teaches one not to do business with companies that have shady business practices. Thoroughly research the company: you'll be very sickened to find what Mega is doing with the money you pay them for your services. I wouldn't trust my most sensitive data to any company making money off of the mass distributing of x-rated and pornographic content. If they can do that, they've proven can do anything that serves their own interests. It's a pretty immoral and debauched company if you put in the research. That matters because you still have to trust the company in many respects (e.g., that the source code they're releasing is actually the source code used on the server where you get your service as just one example -- a company can release their source code and still use their own version with backdoors). They've also had some recent compromises to their security: "On September 5 in 2018 it was reported that the extension on the Chrome Webstore was compromised by the addition of code designed to steal website credentials and cryptocurrency." They've proven they're not as careful as some other privacy-based companies such as ProtonMail. The founder Kim Dotcom said in the past: "Each file will be kept with at least two different hosters [sic], [in] at least two different locations," and "That’s a great added benefit for us because you can work with the smallest, most unreliable [hosting] companies. It doesn’t matter because they can’t do anything with that data." Even Kim Dotcom in 2015 distanced himself from Mega Ltd after 2015 because he didn't trust the company anymore. He said not to use it back then. There are people who would still use Mega because of the free space you get when you evangelize for their services on other platforms and would still ignore these warnings and glaring red flags. Don't be one of those people. Choose wisely and carefully.'
So why did Kim Dotcom say it wasn't safe? Is it safe?
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2020.07.02 02:46 MetaKirbSter Ways you can get cc's!

Making this now even though it probably won't change the amount of "how do you get cc's" posts that appear on the subreddit.
CC's are community colors. Ever saw someone play with brown/blue/yellow/orange colors? Those are cc's, the only color in the game that is locked behind a code(so far), and you can get them in many different ways:
  1. Getting them from the new esports reward widget - This is probably the simplest/easiest/just the most trivial way to get cc's right now. Starting with Low Tier City on I believe July 17th or 18th, there'll be an extension on BH's Twitch that will allow you to get rewards just for watching streams(afking will more than likely work too). You can get cc codes after 2 hours of watching, but you can also get a code for the Drake sidekick after 8 hours and a code for the new cape taunt that will be a limited time exclusive after 20 hours of watching. Here's more info on Brawlhalla's site.
  2. Winning a giveaway/finding codes in a content creator video - Content creators and BH devs tend to give away cc codes fairly often. Some will host raffles/giveaways for them, and others might hide a code in a video or post a code in the comments(Lucians_Sword for example).
  3. Winning a contest - You can win cc's and other goodies from contests, like the recent-ish design a new weapon one that was held here a month or two ago, for example! Lore quizzes are held on Twitter every now and then with cc's as a reward.
  4. Winning them from a tourney - Many community tournaments will have community colors and other rewards for winning or placing well in a tourney.
  5. Winning them from art showcases/fanart - BMG used to showcase art on the official Brawlhalla website, though they barely do it anymore. If I recall correctly cc's were a reward given for having featured art.
  6. Being a content creator - BMG gives codes to content creators(This was how I got mine way back in the day, I'd wanted to be a regular Brawlhalla content creator). Back then you used to be able to email BMG's support about giving to the community/spreading BH, but nowadays you have to fill out This form.
  7. Meeting devs in person - This is how you get metadev skins, but while I haven't ever been to BCX or anything, I'm assuming devs also give away physical cc codes from time to time(don't quote me on that though).
  8. Purchasing them - If you want to possibly risk losing like 5-20 bucks then go ahead and buy a cc code from somebody. This isn't recommended but the devs haven't really spoken out against it. Just be cautious when purchasing cc or metadev codes.
I believe those are all of the current ways. If I missed something just lemme know. Hopefully someone can use this to answer a "how do I get cc's?" question.
Edit 11 PM: Noted that the esports way should be listed first due to being the easiest. I might sort them from easiest to hardest later and remake it. Also probably gonna grab some legend renders to show what cc's look like on certain legends and skins.
Q: I signed up for LTC/Steelseries! Can I still farm points from esports streams?
A: Yeah, you still can. Either have the tourney streamed on twitch mobile, or wait until you finish your matches and watch another region's tourney/just wait until the next day if you're doing your matches on the first day. I signed up for Steelseries 1v1 NA on Aug 22nd but I'll probably have 20 hours/1200 points by then and if I don't I'll just watch the 2v2's the week prior since I only signed up for 1's.
Q: I have multiple cc codes. What should I do with them?
A: Use one if you haven't already, then either give them away, host a contest for them, give them to a content creator for use in videos/streams, or sell them.
Q: I don't like cc's. Can I return them/refund the code so someone else can have my code?
A: No can do. You'll just have to deal with another color on your legend select.
Q: Can you get cc's on consoles?
A: Yes, on every platform(besides MAYBE mobile).
Q: Do cc's apply for every legend?
A: Yeah! Once you use the code you unlock cc's for every legend, skin, and crossover skin currently in the game + every future one.
Q: How many people have cc's?
A: No clue but I'd probably say only 1-3% of BH players have cc's right now, and if it's less than that, it'll be around that range when esports rewards are full-circle.
Q: What's so special about these dinky little blue/brown/orange colors?
A: They're exclusive(even after the esports streams there are still gonna be tons and tons of people without the colors), and you take that back! they look nice a chunk of the time, smh
Q: Can I sell my cc's, and should I?
A: Yes you can, though from what I've heard they're actually only like 5 to 20 bucks right now since there are more codes now than ever before. If you want to make a quick 10 bucks on something and you already have cc's then have at it.
Q: Do cc codes expire?
A: Now this I have zero clue about. Probably not? I think they switched from a 3 space 5 digit steam key code(ie: NLPQJ-INI5M-84MAQ, this code probably won't work since I gave it away in a raffle nearly 4 years ago) to a 2 space 6 digit in-game code(don't have one but an example would be 222222-333333) years back but besides that, nothing's changed so I'm assuming they don't expire.
Q: May I see examples of some skins/legends with cc's?
A: Sure thing! idk if this link will work since it's hidden(don't feel like making an imgur account), so...
Q: How long did it take you to make this post?
A: 5 to like 8, 9, or 10-ish minutes total for listing the ways(fast typer plus already knowing stuff), then I made the FAQ a few hours later -- FAQ took around the same time if not slightly longer(getting a cc code from my messages as an example code, grabbing legend renders and then uploading them to imgur, etc). Probably 15-35 minutes total but I have so much time due to Covid-19 and now the summer.
Q: Will this actually fix the one or two posts a day asking how you can get cc's/if they're on console?
A: Probably not, but I strive to fix that somewhat.
Q: Why did you make this?
A: Dunno. Had the idea for about a week but didn't bother making a post about it until July 1st. Guess it's good I waited since there would've been editing involved to add in the esports stream stuff.
Q: Can you give me cc codes?
A: No, but I will be giving away the one I get from afking the esports streams in a raffle with the drake sidekick I get from said streams too. I've had cc's(and drake for that matter) for nearly 4 years now/as long as Drake has been out basically.
Q: I come from 2025 and they just give you cc's after reaching Obsidian. Why didn't you mention it?
A: You're 5 years too late my dude. 3k+ elo was only done by like two people and BMG never gave away cc's by reaching a certain elo. People post suggestions about adding a new rank semi-often. Do tell me, how's BH like? Did they release spellbook and gaunts lance yet? When did they add ranks above diamond? Was the vaccine for Covid-19 a rushed failure? Did the cure for cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc. finally get released from big pharmacies to the public? Did Mega Man X9 finally come out?
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2020.06.30 21:15 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 36 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: Last chapter, Frances assisted the humans in pushing into the valley of Kwent. In this update, we meet Elizabeth, one of the many classmates transported to this fantasy realm, and watch her finally meet the rumoured Frances.
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 35] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 37=>]
[Map of Durannon]
A few months later, Otherworlder Training Centre at Lehrbeck Castle…
From her tower window in Lehrbeck castle, Kim Hae-Won, better known by most as Elizabeth watched as a new caravan entered the castle courtyard, even as she bit the end of her quill. She was hoping that this caravan was bearing her friends.
Lehrbeck Castle, near the Temple of Heroes, was where she and her classmates had been training for the last year and a half. Today, though, it was mostly empty of them.
The problem was the Displaced had run out of time. The Otherworlder heroes and heroines or the “Displaced” as their class referred to themselves as, had trained intensively, but the war had reached an intense back and forth that required the Human Kingdoms to commit everything they had, including them. Some of her older classmates, those born from January to June, were already involved in the fighting.
But only a rare few had distinguished themselves on the field of battle.
To Elizabeth’s joy, she immediately recognized two of her friends, dismounting. She stowed the quill away and ran out of her room. Being rather tall, despite only being fourteen, her long legs carried her quickly through the corridors.
“Alan, Charlie! You’re back! How was your—” Elizabeth froze, as she saw her friends’ long faces. “That bad?”
“Yes, that bad,” muttered Charlie. The middle-eastern boy nevertheless embraced Elizabeth warmly, if awkwardly, due to the bow on his back.
“We failed. Tim summoned himself back and Leah got wounded. I think she wants to go home too."
Elizabeth winced. She didn’t know Leah that well but she knew Alan and Charlie counted her as a friend. “That’s how many now?”
“If we don’t include Leah, we have a perfect hundred and fifty of us left out of three hundred." Alan raised his gauntleted hand as Elizabeth opened her mouth. “I don’t want to talk about the mission. It just went to hell so suddenly.”
“Elizabeth Kim?” called a voice.
Elizabeth turned around to find Lady Alice Trollhammer, their chief combat instructor. She was tough, but rather kindly. She was standing next to a red-robed magician who Elizabeth recognized as Scarlet, their main magic instructor. She was not so nice and tended to play favourites.
“Yes, Mrs. Trollhammer?” queried Elizabeth.
“There’s been a development. Report to the briefing room quickly please,” said Scarlet gruffly. She turned on her heel and strode away, whilst Alice smiled apologetically.
“You didn’t do anything wrong Elizabeth, we just want to speak to you about something,” Alice said kindly.
Elizabeth nodded and after quickly saying goodbye to Alan and Charlie, followed Alice into the castle.
Scarlet was already in the briefing room, with Count Haurstadt, the head of training for the Otherworlders. Despite his age and full white beard, the man was built like a freight train and had a champion’s poker face. He smiled wanly but made no other gestures as Elizabeth entered the room behind Alice.
“Sit down, Elizabeth,” said Haurstadt.
Elizabeth sat down, trying her best to keep her features calm, but she was bubbling with curiosity and questions. Why was she being asked to come here? What was going on?
“Elizabeth, we know you aren’t fifteen yet, but we have a mission, and with your classmates deployed to various fronts, or recovering, we would like to ask if you are willing to do a mission,” said Haurstadt.
Elizabeth nodded. “Um, yes. I’m sure.”
Alice frowned. “Are you sure, Elizabeth. There’s no need to say yes.”
Elizabeth was about to say she was sure, but the concern in Alice’s eyes made her pause. Still, Elizabeth felt like she had to try. She’d been training for this and she wanted to help the humans. The stories that the Displaced brought back from the frontlines had told of how brutal the Alavari could be to civilians and the brutal nature of the fighting.
Making a quick prayer to God in her head, Elizabeth begged him to help her not mess her first mission up, and said, “I’m sure.”
“Alright." Count Haurstadt pointed to the map on the wall of the briefing room. “We managed to break through Westfall Pass a few weeks ago and after another skirmish, are tightening the siege of the Twin-Towns of Kwent. Your mission is to escort one of your classmates who has been sent to support the siege and forthcoming assault.”
“Oh? Who?” Elizabeth asked.
Alice smiled, “You probably don’t recall her. She’s been apart from Lehrbeck, training with Master Edana, the Head of the White Order. Her name is Frances.”
However, much to the surprise of the various instructors, Elizabeth frowned.
“You heard of her?” Haurstadt queried coolly.
“Mage Scarlet has mentioned her repeatedly.” Elizabeth tried to keep the sarcasm in her voice, but failing miserably.
Scarlet had an expression schooled into one of dispassionate silence, even as Alice scowled at her and Haurstadt gave a disapproving look, which was interesting to Elizabeth.
“She is an excellent magician and the best of the other Otherworlders,” Scarlet hissed, “I was using her as an example, a role model.”
“We’ll talk about this later, Master Scarlet,” said Haurstadt, poker face breaking to reveal an unamused glower. “Elizabeth, you may leave to prepare for your trip.”
Elizabeth bowed and left, mind whirring from the news.
“Frances? Frances Wendlan? You’re going to be escorting her?” Alan asked with wide eyes.
Elizabeth gave her helmet a final polish and set it in her saddlebag. “Yup. I kinda remember her, but it’s been a while. Has anybody seen her since we were displaced?”
Charlie shook his head, looking perplexed. “No. Are we sure Haurstadt means the same person? Frances was really quiet and creepy. Like stay-away-from-her creepy."
Elizabeth frowned at her friend’s tone. “That’s not a very nice thing to say, Charlie.”
Charlie raised his hands placatingly and winced. “Sorry, but… well, it’s true. She didn’t talk to anybody, headed to the library every lunchtime, and always buried her head in books. I can’t quite figure out how she’s doing so well.”
Try as she might, Elizabeth couldn't deny that she shared Charlie's confusion, but she tried anyway.
“Those are the rumours and mutterings from Master Scarlet, and you know how cranky she is."
“I would agree, but all of our other Red Order instructors have said similar things. I mean, have you heard of how jealous they sounded when they spoke of Frances’s achievements? How they want a student like Master Edana’s?” Alan asked. He paused and bit his lip. “We also heard some things on our way back to Lehrbeck.”
Charlie regarded Alan. “About what—Oh right. Westfall Pass right?” At Alan’s nod, Charlie shuffled closer to Elizabeth. “You know how the only Otherworlders here that did well so far are Leila and Jessica, as well as John, Christina and Sam, over in Roranoak right?” Well, the missions they succeeded in have nothing on what Frances did at Westfall Pass. I heard from the soldiers in the caravan that Earl Forowena, their commander couldn’t stop praising Frances, and that Frances essentially turned the tide of the battle.”
“But she’s only our age,” Elizabeth stammered, feeling incredibly self-conscious. She hadn’t even seen battle, much less bene outside Lehrbeck for a year and here was this classmate of hers, the rumoured weird girl no less, turning the tide of battles and getting praise from the local Durannon nobles.
“Yeah.” Alan pursed his lips. “By the way, where did you say you were heading to?”
“Kwent. We’re apparently going to put it to siege and assault it
“A siege? Wait, an assault?! Those are incredibly dangerous!” Charlie exclaimed.
“Well, yeah, but the monsters have occupied Kwent since the beginning of the war. Isn’t it good that we’re going to liberate it now?” Elizabeth asked.
Charlie and Alan exchanged a look. Suddenly, Elizabeth felt a feeling of dread run up her back.
“Guys? What’s wrong?”
“Liz, Alan and I talked, and I think we should go home honestly."
Charlie's voice was quiet, but it echoed in the small room the pair shared.
“Wait what? You’re not just going to give up—”
“Leah got her foot chopped off!” Charlie shouted.
Elizabeth stared at her friend, stunned, but when she found Alan’s solemn eyes, she knew what Charlie said was true.
“I know we can’t die, but I mean, terrible things can happen to us here… we don’t need the Gold or the good luck charm. I… I miss home.”
“But what about the other humans here? Who will help them? You said that it’s our responsibility to help them!” Elizabeth cried, her hands shaking. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Charlie? Funny, determined Charlie, wanted to leave, and quiet, hardworking Alan wanted to go as well.
“They have their own heroes. They have people like Frances. And this… isn’t our world. Alan and I tried, but we failed.”
“There’s always next time—”
“I’m sorry, Liz. I… I can’t. I’ve had a grand time here, but it’s not fun and games in Durannon. There is death and war, and we have to kill a monster king.” Charlie sighed. With a shake of his head, he made for the door. “Follow us if you would like. I’ll see you soon.”
Elizabeth stared as the door slammed behind him. Tears in her eyes, she turned to Alan, who shook his head.
“I’m sorry Liz, but… we’re all scared. I’ll… I’ll see you later.”
Alan suddenly grabbed Elizabeth and gave her a quick hug, before following Charlie, closing the door behind him.
After that terrible moment, Elizabeth had just wanted to end it all and summon herself back home. Back to her parents, back to her family’s lovely house to see her father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. She wanted to eat kimchi and all the Korean foods she’d taken for granted. She wanted to go to an actual mass, not question how the hell did Amura and Rathron figure into her Catholic beliefs. The cherry on top was that with Alan and Charlie summoning themselves home, all of her close friends from school were now gone.
The only thing that stopped from leaving was the fact that she spent almost two years training in Lehrbeck castle and if she didn’t see somewhere outside of it, she knew she’d regret it.
And that was why she was riding with her escort of soldiers towards their mission area, painfully aware that she was three months from being fifteen, that her friends had abandoned her and… it was everything Elizabeth could do not to just break out crying.
To take her mind off of it, she focused on examining the valley and the Twin Towns of Kwent.
The Twin Towns of Kwent sat squarely on the original border between the human Kingdom of Erisdale and the fae, or monster, Kingdom of Alavaria. It consisted of two towns across the Kwent river (hence the town’s name), one of human, and the other of fae. In times of peace, the town prospered due to the trade between the two kingdoms.
In times of war, the bridge that spanned the Kwent river became a strategic point of contention. After losing their side of the town in the opening months of the war, the Kingdom of Erisdale was attempting to take both sides with the assistance of as many of the Displaced they could spare. This included the girl she was being sent to escort, Frances.
Frances… Elizabeth’s thoughts returned to the other distraction that had kept her from simply leaving. Barely any of the Displaced that remained in Durannon could remember that girl was part of their class. Their instructors and teachers had since begun to mention Frances’s exploits, or mutter under their breath why could some of them not be like her. Rumours, always a common thing at the castle of Lehrbeck where the Displaced were trained, painted a rather terrifying picture.
She was apparently the first mage to cast “true lightning” in years. Single-handedly rescued her mentor, the White Order’s head, Edana Firehand from a hundred orcs, centaurs and harpies. She was the perfect student, assisted in the capture of towns, defended forts, and healed thousands of critical or fatal wounds.
The Discplaced’s instructors, such as Master Scarlet, increasingly mused why they couldn’t have as good a student as Edana did. Whispers in hallways hissed as to how Frances was so mature and able to deal with combat, unlike her fellow classmates.
Her fellow Displaced classmates had become increasingly resentful of this phantom classmate that nobody had seen. So, the moment Elizabeth had been announced to be assigned with Frances to take this important town, everybody had pressed her for information, even before she had set off.
For her part, Elizabeth was just worried and that worry grew as she approached the palisaded siege camp. Being Catholic, she’d tried to obey her God’s tenets and attempted to ignore the rumours and the gossip. However, she was painfully aware that she was some new heroine, going to be working with someone highly competent, who’d fought and killed. Someone who somehow was thriving in this world rather than wanting to leave it.
She’d never killed anybody, and God told her not to kill, but if she was to protect the humans, then she had no choice but to kill.
Elizabeth was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that she was in the middle of the siege camp, still sitting on her horse, an armoured figure poking her knee.
“Oi, you! You’re the Otherworlder sent to help us?” grumbled the man.
“Yes, sorry sir!” Elizabeth leapt off her horse and bowed. “Elizabeth at your service—”
“It’s Earl Darius, and as the commander of this force, you will address me as such, Otherworlder.” He scowled at Elizabeth, narrowed dark brown examining her. “Don’t you even know how to bow properly. Don’t answer that. Report to Frances. You’re escorting her so she’ll get you settled in.”
“Short brown hair, olive-brown skin, and has a wand. Ask around if you don’t know. Move it,” snapped the Earl.
Elizabeth nodded and turned to run off, only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Spinning around, she stared at the earl with eyes wide with confusion, only to see him running his hand through his brown hair.
“You dingus, you’ve forgotten your pack!” he exclaimed.
“Sorry sir-Earl, Earl Darius!” she exclaimed, just wanting to be away from the man as fast as possible. She squirmed out of his hand, grabbed her pack and raced away as fast as she could.
Thankfully, she had long legs. Unfortunately, she soon found herself completely lost in the camp, which suddenly seemed far larger than it was when she was seeing it from a distance. And everybody in the camp seemed to be preoccupied with doing something.
Breathing out, Elizabeth adjusted her pack onto her shoulder and started to look. She wandered through the camp, passing row after row of tents and awnings filled with soldiers, or knights. She tried asking a few people, but while they heard of Frances, nobody knew where her tent was.
Elizabeth, now standing around the kitchen area of the camp, groaned. Perhaps she could get some food and continue her search. Her stomach was beginning to growl.
“Hello, I heard you were looking for the mage Frances?” asked a voice.
Elizabeth straightened and turned to face a blonde hair blue eyed male knight in armour, with a friendly smile. He looked to be a year older than her.
He also seemed to be fashioned with a rather large button nose. It was so large that Elizabeth knew she was going to remember his face for some time, simply due to the size of it. It wasn’t that the knight’s nose was ugly, it was just big.
“Yes! Do you know where she is?” she asked, pushing that thought away.
“I’m afraid not. But I’m looking for her as well. I’ve been assigned as part of her escort.” He extended a hand. “Name’s Martin of Conthwaite.”
“Kim Hae-won, but you can call me Elizabeth. I’m also part of her escort,” said Elizabeth, shaking the knight’s hand.
“Kim— Elizabeth it is." He released her hand, scratching the back of his head. “Earl Darius was very unhelpful I’m afraid, but I suppose he’s occupied by the siege. Want to try searching after we get a meal?”
“That sounds just… brilliant,” Elizabeth said, not bothering to hide how grateful she felt. She followed Martin into the large mess tent and took a spot by the row upon row of tables set up undercover.
“So you were assigned as part of her escort? Who else?” Elizabeth asked as they waited in line to get their food.
“Just you and I." Martin shot Elizabeth a discerning look. "You’re the Otherworlder assigned to help right?”
Elizabeth pursed her lips and gave the knight a cautious look. “Yes?” she said, grabbing a wooden bowl and a battered fork from the many that were stacked up for the soldiers.
“Oh, well it’s good to meet you. I’m glad we have you to help us.” He held his bowl out for the cook to ladle in some stew. “We’re in the thick of this war and without you, we would have been in deep trouble. I take it you’re a warrior?”
Elizabeth blinked. Most of the humans who weren’t her instructors viewed her and the other Displaced with a healthy level of skepticism and some fear. Martin seemed genuinely curious.
After her last two friends just up and left her, it was a very nice change.
“Yup." She found a space and pointed to it. Martin nodded and the pair quickly rushed to it. Dumping her pack onto the ground, Elizabeth nimbly slid onto the bench, with Martin taking the spot next to her.
“Did my Warhammer gave it away?” Elizabeth quipped.
“Yes,” said Martin. He quickly muttered a grace to what Elizabeth recognized as Amura and Rathron, the two Gods of the Humans in Durrannon. Without missing a beat, she made the sign of the cross.
If Martin noticed, he didn’t say anything, he just swallowed a spoonful of stew, which Elizabeth also sampled, and found it was rather tasty.
Martin looked up from his stew. “So, do you happen to know anything about Frances?”
“No. I was hoping you might,” Elizabeth whined.
The young knight arched an eyebrow. “I thought you all were part of the same school?”
“We haven’t seen her since she started apprenticing under a mentor.” Swallowing, Elizabeth stabbed her spoon into the stew. “All we’ve heard of her are rumours, and even before that, she kept to herself.”
“Huh. I know her only by reputation as well. I have heard she's one of our combat mages and for this campaign. Interestingly enough, I also have heard she's quite a nice person...” Martin's voice trailed off as his eyes glanced sideways, away from Elizabeth. Something was distracting him, and she turned to see what.
A girl about her age, with olive-brown skin and brown hair, had sat down across from Elizabeth. She wore a simple green dress, which was mostly covered up by a quilted jacket, and was carrying a small cloth-wrapped package.
“Um, hi. Are you Kim Hae-won?” she asked, in a timid voice, which seemed to match her thin figure.
Elizabeth blinked. “Uh, yes?” Her mind, a second later, suddenly realized that this girl matched the description Earl Darius gave her, but before she could finish thinking, the girl continued to speak.
“I’m Frances and um… I made something for you." She unwrapped the package, revealing a covered wooden bowl, the lid of which she promptly took off.
An impossibly nostalgic smell of salted cabbage, fish sauce, and chilli assaulted Elizabeth’s nose and widened her eyes. Her nose knew the smell, but it took her eyes peering into the bowl for her to believe what she was seeing.
It was kimchi, a Korean dish she hadn’t seen in two years. The dish wasn’t her favourite, but she missed the taste dearly as nothing like it existed in Durannon.
“How—what—” Elizabeth stared at the dish, and back at Frances, jaw agape. Slowly, disbelievingly, she pulled the pot to her and levered a spoonful into her mouth.
The crunchy texture, the hint of spice and the taste of fish, all wrapped up with the smell of the fermented cabbage exploded across her mouth.
Frances smiled shyly. “Do you like it?”
Elizabeth swallowed and blinked back tears as the taste took her back to dinners with her family. To fond memories of Sunday nights eating her grandmother’s food.
“It’s perfect. Thank you! How did you make this?”
For a brief second, Frances’s smile faded, but it returned as if it had never disappeared. “Oh, I um, I made it for my parents. I can teach you the recipe if you would like?”
Wiping her eyes, Elizabeth nodded eagerly, but she couldn’t help but wonder about Frances’s bizarre reaction. That thought made her realize that she was acting rather rudely and completely leaving Martin out of the conversation.
“Oh gosh, where are my manners.” Elizabeth put her spoon down. “Frances, I’m Elizabeth, and this is Martin of Conthwaite. He’s also part of your escort, like me,” she said, gesturing to the knight.
The knight, smiling, extended his hand to Frances. “Pleasure to meet you.”
Frances took it and gave what Elizabeth decided was a rather awkward, if sincere, shake. “Pleased to meet you too."
“Would you like to join us for lunch, Frances?” Martin offered.
The mage blinked, “Oh, yes please, if you don’t mind. I just need to get my lunch first.”
“Take your time. We’ll save you this spot,” said Elizabeth reassuringly.
Frances's smile widened and after a quick dip of her head, she quickly scampered off to the lunch line. Elizabeth watched her quietly join the line.
That was when several thoughts struck Elizabeth in quick succession.
Her first thought was that she realized she quite liked this mysterious classmate of hers, and she seemed like a very kind, if shy person.
However, it suddenly occurred to Elizabeth that none of what she’d just seen matched the rumoured image of Frances being a powerful mage and loner. That itself wasn’t surprising as they were rumours after all, but she found it odd nonetheless.
Her more pressing realization was that she suddenly realized she recognized Frances.
“Wait, she’s Frances?” stammered Elizabeth, eyes wide.
“Elizabeth? Are you alright?”
“No, it’s just...” She swallowed. “I recognize her now.”
She remembered now. Well she kinda did, but now that she had a face to her memories, it all clicked. Frances was the grade’s weird girl. The one who spoke to nobody. The last to be picked at every PE. The one who’d shown up with a battered backpack and very plain clothing that seemed too big for her. She’d always been in the back of Elizabeth’s mind, as she’d always reminded herself to ask Frances to join her and her friends for lunch. It would be the Christian thing to do, but Frances didn’t share a single class with her and seemed to disappear every recess, with one exception.
The day before they’d been displaced to Durannon, Elizabeth had noticed Frances picking up a discarded tray of fries from the school cafeteria on the playground.
Elizabeth wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but when Frances didn’t throw it into the nearby trash can, she’d gotten curious, and continued to watch through the 2nd-floor window she’d been sitting beside.
Before her eyes, Frances had given a glance around, and when she’d thought that nobody thought she was looking, she’d eaten the fries.
The sight had so horrified Elizabeth, she rushed to the only teacher she knew was on duty, the librarian, Mr. Thom. He’d been shocked, and his expression had turned grim. She’d had to stay after school to talk to the principal, the counsellors, and then to child services before she’d been allowed to go home. Her parents and the administrators had all told her she should speak of what she saw to nobody. And so she hadn’t.
Subsequently, the memory had been buried as she’d been displaced to Durannon and never saw Frances again. But now, she could remember that sight as if she’d just seen it yesterday.
Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth felt a deep sense of guilt at not having gotten to know Frances better. She must have had a hard life if she had to scrounge for food. Perhaps that was why she had become such a great heroine.
But Elizabeth knew she could change that right now, and she resolved to get to know Frances better. Perhaps Frances could teach her something and help her to… to fit in better with this world.
Besides, if the kimchi she was chewing on was any indication, she seemed like a really nice person.
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2020.06.30 15:53 LidoPlage "Fairness Into Focus" please be aware of this campaign

So I have noticed this ad on Youtube a lot in the past few days and I think it is worth having a discussion about this to raise awareness. So far as I can see, this seems to be an effort by Big Pharma to try and drum up political pressure to undermine Pharmac and to get more big cheques written to big offshore Pharmaceutical giants. Pharmac is a great government agency and although not perfect, they deliver great value for the New Zealand Taxpayer. Undermining them risks New Zealand becoming more like America where the government has no leverage to negotiate drug prices and, as a result, everyone gets ripped off.
I think that all of this is worthy of discussion. Pharmaceuticals are very expensive, although not everyone in New Zealand is aware of this due to the way that they are subsidised, which makes prescription costs very low (a good thing). You should probably discuss this with your family also, especially those who don't always think critically at marketing campaigns directed their way. I note as well that the opposition party seems to be supportive of the motives here - not sure if that matches up with their record during their nine years in power, but that's not really relevant here.
Anyway I think that this is an important issue which is vitally important to be discussed and to be familiar with. I've got a link to the press release:
It’s time to put fairness into focus
19 JUN 2020
Medicines New Zealand is today launching a digitally-enabled public awareness platform Fairness in Focus. This has been built in response to results from surveys commissioned by Medicines New Zealand to recognise how New Zealanders currently view and understand the process and landscape for public funding of modern prescription medicines and vaccines in New Zealand.
The surveys found that the majority of New Zealanders were unaware of the process or timelines for how medicines are actually funded, but clearly had concerns about their ability to access both modern medicines and vaccines through the public health system.
“We are launching this platform to help educate the New Zealand public about how modern prescription medicines are made available in New Zealand, about the realities of medicines access in New Zealand, and some collaborative solutions on how New Zealand can enhance its processes and systems to get better access to modern medicines and vaccines for all.” says Dr Graeme Jarvis, CEO of Medicines New Zealand.
Over the past years there has been increasing media awareness and coverage of patients or their whanau and friends fundraising for medicines, or patients moving overseas to access medicines and many petitions being presented at Parliament requesting for medicines to be publicly funded. It would seem that many New Zealanders are having to sacrifice a lot in order to get access to the medicines they need.
According to Dr Lee Mathias, Chair of Medicines New Zealand, “Often Kiwis think they will easily get access to the medicines they need when they need them, but it’s not until they, or someone they know, is diagnosed with a disease that they realise a medicine they need isn’t publicly funded. People pay their taxes, so that the public health system will look after them in a timely manner, when they need it most, but for some New Zealand patients with serious but treatable illnesses, this is not the case.”
“Modern medicines can provide cost-effective healthcare solutions and the ways to improve access to these treatments needs more focus and public awareness in New Zealand. Health including medicines and vaccines availability and access should be a top priority. Only by working in a collaborative manner will we be able to generate the best solutions to obtain that goal for patients and our health system in New Zealand - a country that has a focus on fairness and is justifiably proud of that position” said Dr Mathias.
Take a look at the Fairness in Focus platform here. Medicines New Zealand has been working on collaborative solutions to ensure Kiwi patients and the health system don’t continue missing out on modern medicines. Find out more here.
Medicines New Zealand is the industry group representing biopharmaceutical companies operating in New Zealand. We advocate for the benefits of modern medicines as part of a high-quality public health system. Our objective is to ensure that New Zealanders have access to the right medicines at the right time.
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2020.06.30 09:22 Hellosailboat What’s the NZ equivalent to Harrod’s department store or similar? Need to send gourmet food gift basket and want to find a local shop to send from within NZ.

Want to send a gift basket with nice food to someone who just had a baby and want to find a NZ shop that does a hamper or a place like Dean and Deluca where I could pick some food items to send. Thanks for any advice you could provide!
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Many people plan to travel to NZ or even live there long term because they know it's a beautiful country, but they ask themselves 'What are the people from New Zealand like?' In the spring of 2014, Findsomeone teamed up with Gorgeous Me to offer two lucky members a Makeover package in the capital. The winner recieved $1000 to spend on clothing, a cut n' colour ... This is how you find out the name of the person or place you have a picture of. In some cases you just have a picture of someone and need to find out what his name is. Or maybe you have an image ... Findsomeone Co Nz Promo Code 2015 Awesome Findsomeone Co Nz Promo Co... Skip navigation Sign in. ... People & Blogs; Show more Show less. Hide chat Show chat. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, ... We wanted to find a fun way to portray an alternate take on a song like “Find Someone” with the music video. The idea is: if someone or something is not good for you in your life, there are ... Let's walk you through how to find a job in New Zealand. From Recruitment companies to minimum wage, types of jobs/work and also your visa and CV/Resume plus a first-hand experience! Let's walk ... Create your own unique profile on FindSomeone - and find your special someone. Grab your friends, go dating and get shoes on Dating for Shoes. Go to to ...